İrem Derici is the ex-Rıza Esendemir event

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YouTuber Gökçe Yıldırım, in the video titled "I Speak for the First Time and Last Time on This Topic", claimed that his ex-lover Ataberk Özdene wondered with İrem Derici, whom he worked with. Yildirim, "I'm sorry to see disgusting things. One day I opened my own computer and my computer on that person's session was open. I saw everything there. All correspondence, videos, pictures and many disgusting things … All deserves a day life, "he said. . İrem Derici, the news after the announcement, came from the famous singer's ex-wife Riza Esendemir & # 39; s event from

  • 1İrem Derici is the ex-Rıza Esendemir event


    Populist İrem Derici began to live with the dancer Ataberk Özdene during the concerts. Famous YouTuber Gökçe Yıldırım claimed in the video titled "I am speaking for the first and last time on this topic" that her ex-lover Ataberk Ozdene had cheated with İrem Derici. Yildirim, found in the following descriptions:

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    "This year, I have been subjected to great injustices, I have been confronted with events that I am ashamed of humanity, but I have never been a person who reacted to evil evil. I became as quiet as possible, but those who followed me on Instagram, has seen many things happening, when i had a relationship, the relationship was started and made this a hardship, and the other side worked for it for months and we did not think about it but it did not give up and It reached its goal.

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    I'm sorry to see nasty things. One day I turned on the computer and on my computer that person was logged on. There I saw everything. All correspondence, videos, pictures and many disgusting things … Everyone deserves life one day. & # 39; I forgive, but Allah does not forgive & # 39; He has a proverb, or … I do not halal.

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    Yildirim, I learned that before he learned to cheat İrem Derici announced that he was subtitling. The famous YouTuber said, "This person took the message to me. In the message," Dear, you haven't introduced this toy to us. He is the one who has impressed me the most. He's like a joke, I'm embarrassed. you are subtitling, "he said.

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    On the other hand, the phone was connected to the 2-page program Gökçü Yildirim, "Ataberk & # 39; leave with my girlfriend Iir Derici ugly subtitles I caught. Irem Derici," playful "to me, said Ataberk. Darling and Irem Derici all correspondence. is very embarrassed when I received correspondence from my beloved with Irem Derici. Irem Derici tried very hard to get my girlfriend there.

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    İrem Derici, commented on the news. Derici, from his social media account share, said:

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    "I've been friends, guy, wow! My friends are up to a point. I took it apart, it was stolen, stole your girlfriend … That's enough. Are these people having a retail sale?" Did he say, "Stole, stole? Are these people so stupid?" Especially when you become known, you become such a target board. Mayan Shoot the popcorn festival pop If you have a structure that doesn't speak, you can get past it, I don't care about anything other than my job and my happiness. I feel very good and I fall in love with myself.

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