"Interview of the year". Manuel Luís Goucha reveals everything to Fátima Lopes – The Television

adminDecember 27, 2018

One of the most anticipated interviews ever will be on TVI. Fair "interview of the year", claims Manuel Luís Goucha childhood "How did the little boy playing on TV become a good presenter?", Ask the presenter to Fátima Lopes.

About Cristina Ferreira, Goucha admits that the former partner "had profit to deconstruct me too"Already on the new partner, Maria Cerqueira Gomes confirms"I will love, live with Maria for the next four years."

From the privacy it is very enlightening: "Who I am with, who I love, just me".

In an interview given to Fátima Lopes, for the program Tell me how you are, The presenter will be moved.

To see this Saturday, December 29, after Journal of Uma.

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