Interview // Gaby Spanic celebrates 20 years of the dramatic change of life: Usurper

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Interview // Gaby Spanic celebrates 20 years of the dramatic change of life: Usurper

It was December 1997 and his life was quite touching. He was just married to Miguel De León and was on top of the popularity with a sign that the Venezuelans still remember: Amaranta, "The Divine Thing". Gabriela Spanic had achieved the role of her life, she would spend that Christmas in Mexico, where she was expected to star in "La Usurpadora".

He almost came from the plane to record. The first chapters had to be ready before January, because they were to premiere in February. The actor born in the Guárico state lived a dream. Televisa entered through the front door, with all the criticism that shook her for being a foreigner, and had lived with a role that everyone at that time longed for. And they say they lined up at the manufacturers Salvador Mejía's offices and seemed to participate in the casting that already had names and surnames.

Gaby came across a reality other than Venevisión, where she was the instant artist, the eternal Gilda Barreto that the channel had on a pedestal. "When I arrived, there were so many people behind me who helped me out with costumes, they put me in. It was weird, I felt like a doll," challenges the soap opera star who started in Mexico on February 9, 1998 and July 24, the same year.

"La Usurpadora" was an unbelievable success of 100 episodes that surpassed the original of the same name, created by RCTV in 1972 with Raúl Amundaray and Marina Baura. It ruined the harmony of land, which its actors did not even know existed. It was crazy in Europe and Brazil, where Gaby Spanic is still an idol.

Now, 20 years after the TV phenomenon, venezuelan PANORAMA tells the details of what has been her greatest success on the screen.

– 20 years have passed since the transfer of "La Usurpadora" and there is still telenovela of his life …
– Certainly. Whatever happens, I become The Usurper. I lived like Chespirito, which was always Chavo on the 8th. I am happy because it is still the best-selling soap opera in the world, so say the opposite. That project gave me the opportunity to travel to 25 countries, and it keeps me going and doing interviews for different channels in the world. For example, I currently have fans from Argentina, Indonesia, Paris, Poland, Greece. And it's very nice because people keep remembering. They keep repeating it every time. I am proud that in Indonesia they learn Spanish for that short story, or for the Gaby Spanish books.

– Who is grateful for the opportunity to have the star play in that telenovela?
– Look, I thank the author Carlos Romero, I love him, I love him, I love him. To the producer Salvador Mejía, of course. And well, to so many people who were there who believed in my talent and supported me in that time.

– It was said that Thalia had been thought of the leading role. Is it true?
– No no. They made it clear to me and let me make it false; that I was the only one and first choice for that novel. The Usurper was always me, not Thalia. I don't know who invented that I accepted the paper because she had rejected it.

– How were the first scenes with Fernando Colunga and Libertad Lamarque?
– I was very nervous, shocked, but "wow". Very happy I couldn't believe I was living that dream. In another country, with the stars of Latin American television.

– So much time later, who do you live with, with Paola or with Paulina Bracho?
– With Paola. my love, there is a lot of evil in the world (laughs).

– Anecdotes that you have marked?
– There are many, but I had to go to Romania and at that time was Demi Moore, but everyone was at the top of The Usurper & # 39; You can even ask. I couldn't believe it. Therefore, we cannot remove the value of telenovelas. I don't take away the value of the series. I think it's an audience for everything, but it's a language that must be respected. They repeat the classic telenovela all over the world for something. The actors must respect the author, the author must respect the manufacturer. And that is how respect should prevail. I dream of being the director of a television station. Oh my God! I see so many things that are wrong.

– Have you seen all the memes made with the image of your character, Paola Bracho?
– I love these memes and those of Soraya Montenegro. I wonder how they discover so many things, with so much genius. I think it's nice that social networks serve to distract you and make you laugh with signs from soap operas that made history. Therefore, I say that they should return to that structure as before. I know the generation is different now, we see on the screen what they call naturalness, but the melodrama must be clean, the codes must be respected.

– Televisa is preparing a new version of "La Usurpadora" in the Fábrica de sueños project. What do you think of this "remake"?

– It has the same boom, I don't believe. Can you imagine someone playing a different role to Catalina Creel? It is impossible And obviously no one is going to make the Usurper & # 39; like Gaby Spanic. It's reality, I made the two characters and I worked a lot. It's a beautiful novel, and it was a world game.

– How do you see the fact that the format is now shorter?
– It is very difficult to compress a story of 100 chapters in a month. Let them go beautiful and I send my best wishes (laughs).

– If you were offered to trade in the new version, would you accept?
– Ask the public. Although I don't believe …

– Of the actors of this generation, who do you see making the two characters?
– No one. Is it that they are on a different wave, not respecting television codes, acting in their style. I'm a true defender of the drama. What have been the most Oscar-winning movies in the world ?: Titanic & # 39 ;, & # 39; Schindler & # 39; & # 39; The Boy In The Striped Pajamas & # 39; … Then I do not know why they begin to perceive that they excuse themselves publicly wanting something else. The reality is that people will entertain, they will dream, they will live with the characters.

– It had been commented that he was the victim of a robbery in his house while he was traveling. Is it true?
– It's a lie. It was my sister who was stolen, not me. Thank God, it was okay, she wasn't home when it happened. The horrors went a long way. I worried, and I called her immediately, she told me nothing of value or any transcendental was stolen.

– How's your relationship with your sister, by the way?
– Good, good. I have always loved her, despite all the gossip that has been created around us. But it's the fraternity, it's our children, we're still in touch.

– Will the holiday go together?
– I don't know, we've talked about it, but I'm going to travel and she has other plans.

– And her boyfriend?
– Which of all? (Ler). I speak to you as a divine. The truth is, I have suitors. It's important, it's beautiful, love, that you're pampered, you love them, but right now I don't have time. I have many projects, recording a series at the beginning of next year and the release of the calendar in December, all sexy, with no fear of anything.

-It was also rumored that I recently casting on Televisa for a new telenovela …
– It's a lie. I know they are campaigns to return to soap operas, but soon you will see me, next year I will be playing a doctor in a series called Children's Hospital, written by the Argentine Ana Franco.

– What happened to the Netflix series that I was supposed to record?
– Well, that was a budget problem, so weird, right? And it was canceled.

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