Installed in Brazil, Juan Darthés already has the advice of two lawyers

adminDecember 28, 2018

After the dismissal of Thelma Fardin, the actor went to San Pablo to take refuge. The legal representatives are from Brazil and Nicaragua.

Two weeks after Thelma Fardin's complaint to Juan Darthés for rape, the actor decided to travel to Brazil to spend the holidays and disconnect from local charges. During the next few hours, his wife, Maria Leone, would travel, and they would remove any rumors of a separation.

His lawyer in Argentina, Fernando Burlando, explained in Los Angeles in the morning that "it is a very important study of San Pablo that handles Darthé's interests, and in addition there is a lawyer in Nicaragua who takes care of the situation".

"With Juan, I speak practically every day, and Maria calls me every day, or rather, hour by hour," said Burlando this morning, after he reminded yesterday that he believes Darthés "not only because of what he said, But because what the professionals who worked with him said these days.

It had also circulated that lawyer Rosario Krupnik Paul, who at that time defended gigolo Javier Bazterrica for several complaints from his former partners for fraud, theft and compulsion, could be the actor's new legal representative, but Burlando rejected those statements and noted: "Whoever Speak most to him, is me. "

In this context, the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Argentine nation published "it offers assistance and necessary resources to carry out the evidence-based actions required in the country and required by the prosecutor's office in Nicaragua to promote its investigation and clarify the case." Something that was asked by Fardin and his lawyer, Sabrina Cartabia.

In the Pamela program in the afternoon, Burlando had commented on Darth's situation: "I don't think he works, and I don't think he'll come back." Today he has his life in Brazil, it would not seem appropriate for me to come back in the short term. The first day he consulted us on the subject, I clarified that this would be a disease for him, and I advised him on a problem that was even work and social, and it was almost impossible to start a new life after such news. "

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