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adminJanuary 7, 2019

Kendall Jenner He surprised Saturday by announcing that he would give a revelation about his personal life. in Instagram, Kris Jenner, his mother and representative, had said it was the "most raw" news of his past and that he would speak for the purpose of creating an influence and helping other people.

This Sunday, the supermodel finally made the announcement. What was the testimony of the young member of the Kardashian clan?

In a shared clip on your Twitter account, Kendall Jenner She says her problems with acne made her uncertain at the beginning of her career because they made her a target of criticism in social networks.

In the recording, the young mannequin says that it was thanks to a special treatment that achieved its current image. "I hope I can help people and show them that thanks to this product I can clean and maybe you can too," she said, announcing that she would join the brand that made her a member.

On Saturday, in an Instagram clip, Kendall Jenner came forward saying she was ready to talk about a problem that had bothered her since she was 14 years old.

"Today I can reach so many people and help and tell you it's okay, I went through the same, and I'm very normal, and I understand you, maybe I can connect with you and help," said " the angel "to Victoria's Secret in video.

Growing plot, in Instagram, Kris Jenner She said she felt "proud" of her daughter's "courage" and dared to show herself "vulnerable" with a desire to help others.

"If you share your crudest story to generate a positive impact and help so many and promote a positive dialogue, a testimony to the incredible woman you have become," businesswoman said. "Make sure to see Kendall's Twitter this Sunday night to understand what I'm talking about, prepare me to be moved," he finished, and made the hashtags "Bet for change," "Share your story," "Finally a solution," "The daughter mine inspires me "and" authenticity ", to support this way Kendall Jenner.

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