Instagram: Natti Natasha and her revealing image during adolescence

adminDecember 27, 2018

Natti Natasha always gives what he should talk, not just for his performance in the artistic world. All the material you post to Instagram is also kept on everyone's lips. This time, the Dominican artist shared a picture of her youth.

As of today Thursday TBT (throwback Thursday), Natti wanted to remember the moment he was singing at an event when he was a teenager. "Show the world that mockery can turn into applause, Santiago DR," he wrote.

Night Natasha Natti Natasha / Instagram Natti Natasha

The picture shows Natti who shows that since she was a child, she has always been a good singer. In addition, the image has a watermark on the website. This is a portal dedicated to coverage and campaigns of events.

In previous publications, Natti published on the social network how Christmas happened. Accompanied by her family and friends, in the pictures she was looking to enjoy Christmas Eve.

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