Insomniac says the new Spider-Man Plus game will not come tomorrow after all

adminOctober 17, 2018

SpidermanThe new plus game and the final difficulty mode were originally expected at the launch, but were delayed. Today, a publication was published in the European PlayStation blog that at the beginning said that both features would arrive tomorrow, October 17, in the 1.07 update of the game. Insomniac Games now says that the information was a mistake.

Spiderman He left more than a month ago with positive reviews and record sales. However, two features are still missing for which a release was planned: a new game more and a difficulty last or more difficult. Before today, there were no details about either of them apart from the fact that none of the functions was ready. In the first version of a blog post about the game's upcoming downloadable "Heist" content, released today, the game's director, Ryan Smith, of Insomniac, wrote that both features would arrive in an update scheduled for October 17 and that It would bring with it two new corresponding trophies.

Here was the rest:

"We are also pleased to announce the launch of Update 1.07 * tomorrow, October 17, for Marvel spiderman Owners from around the world. While the team here has been working hard on the The spider man of Marvel: The city that never sleeps DLC and its first chapter, Marvel Spider-Man: The Heist, we have also been working on free updates for the game that add new features and correct some bug problems.

The 1.07 update is one that we have been working on for a while, and adds New Game + (NG +), as well as the maximum difficulty to the game. NG + allows you to play the story and all the activities in the open world again with all your costumes, skills, gadgets, mods and benchmarks unlocked from the start. While playing NG +, you can unlock those final items while cleaning your trophy list.

Speaking of which, we are also adding two new trophies, one to complete the game on maximum difficulty and the other to finish a NG + race.

In addition, many of you have requested the possibility to rotate the Stickers in Photo Mode, and we are pleased to inform you that it is included, along with some additional bug fixes, in Update 1.07. We have also adjusted the Amicable Difficulty based on your feedback to be more friendly. "

However, the previously extracted sections were quickly eliminated. When players ask them about the discrepancy, the Insomniac Twitter account He said that the modes continue to "arrive soon" and that the publication of the EU blog has been corrected and updated. Neither Insomniac nor Sony responded immediately to a request for comment.

Image: Sony (Spiderman)

While we do not know what the new timeline for these additions to the game is, or why they have been so difficult that they have apparently been delayed twice, the rest of the blog post provided more information on what to expect from "Heist", the first of three $ 10 DLCs that are part of SpidermanThe season pass "The city that never sleeps."

That is, in addition to involving a love triangle between Peter Parker, MJ and Felicia Hardy (Black Cat) and the missions of the new story, "Heist" also adds new types of crimes to stop, challenges to complete and a new enemy faction. It remains to be seen if they will act differently and will have unique attacks or will simply be reskins of the existing enemy types.

"Heist" also adds three new Spidey costumes: the tough suit, Scarlet Spider II and Spider-UK next time Spider-verse movie. None of them looks so spectacular in my opinion, but we still do not know what new special powers will unlock each one. If Spider-UK allows Parker to start rebuking bad guys with an English accent, I'm sold. "Heist" opens next week on October 23.

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