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Democrats have issued glamorous calls for "resistance" since then President trump He assumed the position. But wait. That resistance has now arisen within the party itself and the unthinkable has happened: a charismatic series of new faces on the Capitol seems to be rejecting the establishment, particularly the Democratic leader of the House. Nancy Pelosi. It is an unforeseen byproduct. Things change.

"With at least 20 current and incoming House Democrats promising to oppose it, and at least 19 more still avoid the question, Nancy Pelosi does not have the votes to become a speaker. Pelosi's panic response? Play the gender card. Pelosi and his leadership team, which has been running for a dozen years, are facing a growing chorus of Democrats who are upset because the party of "hope and change". is acting more like a game of no and no change & # 39; ". writes Michael Ahrens, the Rapid Response Director of the Republican National Committee writes in a blog post.

"It's the first day of orientation for first-year students, but the elected representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez "He has already joined the protesters in Pelosi's office, just a gesture of unity by the socialist superstar," he says.

In fact, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, 29, joined a sit-in on climate change right there in the leader's office.

"I just want everyone to know how proud I am of each and every one of you to put yourself and their bodies and everything in line to make sure we save our planet, our generation and our future," the incoming congresswoman He told the group that they were sitting on the floor but eager to reach the five high legislators.

Later, the always grizzled Mrs. Pelosi later tweeted that she had been "deeply inspired by the young activists."

While. The word travels fast, meanwhile. Activists from another kingdom also know Ms. Ocasio-Cortez. People of the Ethical Treatment of Animals have already sent you a vegan welcome basket, which includes soy chorizo, tofurky, beans, vegan biscuits and tofu.


CNN has sued the White House, alleging that the reporter Jim AcostaFirst Amendment rights were violated after he lost his press credentials after an unseemly exchange with President trump and others acting in an official capacity.

"The conclusion is as follows: Jim Acosta has no constitutional right to be admitted to the White House, period Jim Acosta has no constitutional right to a White House press pass, period Jim Acosta has no constitutional right to a microphone issued by the White House, and Jim Acosta has no constitutional right to ask questions of the president of the United States, "said the radio presenter. Rush Limbaugh He explained to his 14 million listeners on Tuesday.

"The White House is not prohibiting CNN from being there. CNN is not being denied access. CNN is not being denied the opportunity to ask questions or harass the president. CNN has a reporter who replaces Acosta. There are not, literally, reasons. There is no basis for this. Freedom of the press does not extend to the individual: the White House is not obliged to let anyone who wants there enter, "Limbaugh continued, noting that Mr. Acosta does not need to be physically in the White House to report on it.

"I could watch the press conference on television and report as much as if I was in the room." Jim Acosta is not being denied access to the president who makes news in the White House press room, even if he does not it allows him to enter there, "said Limbaugh." This is simply a way to harass Trump and keep Acosta and CNN front and center. "


The media cover the "caravan" of Honduran immigrants that is approaching, if the opportunity to vilify presents itself. President trump. But forget about the numbers they say.

"The caravan is just a small part of a larger wave of illegal immigration in progress from Central America that hits the Southwest border every day. "Each week, the number of people arrested crossing the Southwest border dwarfs the approximately 4,000 migrants who travel in the caravan," writes Will Racke, reporter of immigration and foreign policy of the Daily Caller News Foundation.

"The caravan is only a small one, although it is highly publicized, part of a much larger phenomenon that has completely flooded the asylum system of the United States. After falling to record lows in the first months of the Trump administration, illegal immigration on the Southwest border has increased almost every month since then, driven in large part by a wave of people traveling together as families. According to figures from Customs and Border Protection, the arrests of so-called "family units," most of them in Central America, have reached unprecedented levels, according to Mr. Racke.

In October, the Border Patrol arrested 23,121 members of migrant families, the highest total registered in a month. Add the "family" total to the number of single adults and unaccompanied minors on the move, and the number reaches 51,000, approximately 1,700 per day.

"That means that the number of migrants arrested along the Southwest border in an average week, 11,900, is roughly three times more than people traveling in the highly publicized caravan. Put another way, the equivalent of about 13 caravans is captured after crossing the border illegally every month, "says Racke.


Fox News Channel is marking the 44th consecutive week as the most watched network of all on cable television with 3.3 million prime-time viewers last week, according to Nielsen Media Research, before the competition as ESPN and the Hallmark Channel . In fact, Fox News aired 16 of the top 30 cable broadcasts, and also enjoyed a record-breaking election night audience of 7.8 million viewers. As it has done for almost 17 years, Fox News dominates the cable news competition; MSNBC had 2.3 million viewers, CNN 1.7 million.

Fox Business Network, meanwhile, marks 39 consecutive weeks as the best dog on corporate television with a 39 percent lead compared to its closest rival, CNBC, according to Nielsen.


67 percent of Americans in general are concerned about the accuracy of the news broadcast on ABC, NBC and CBS; 70 percent of Republicans, 67 percent of independents and 63 percent of Democrats agree.

The 51 percent in general has stopped watching a news program because it included incorrect information; 56 percent of Republicans, 53 percent of independents and 44 percent of Democrats agree.

47 percent in general have stopped watching a show due to "an action by the presenter or presenter"; 53 percent of Republicans, 48 ​​percent of independents and 41 percent of Democrats agree.

45 percent of the total has stopped watching a news program because of its political content; 51 percent of Republicans, 41 percent of independents and 40 percent of Democrats agree.

Source: A Politico / Morning Consult survey of 2,202 US adults. UU Held from November 6 to 7.

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