Inside Thanksgiving and celebrating Hailey Baldwin's birthday with Justin Bieber

adminNovember 23, 2018

Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin


Happy Birthday, Hailey Baldwin!

The model turned 22 on Thursday and celebrated her big day with Justin Bieber and their families.

Bieber's mother, Pattie Mallette, He shared a video of the sweet singer "I'm sorry", with what his girlfriend of a birthday cake topped with the formation of ice, strawberries and colors, extinguished candles. In a moment, the pop star even pushed the dessert in Baldwin's face. However, she did not seem very upset by the joke and even kissed Bieber full frosting.

Luckily, Bieber had a second cake in his hand for his protagonist. As Grammy winner and his family sang "Happy Birthday" to Baldwin, a relative shouted: "First married birthday!" – confirms, in addition, that the two were married earlier this fall.

Later, the star of "Never Say Never" shared some sweet words about her new spouse, referring to her as "the love of my life" and "absolutely incredible".

The adorable moments did not end there. Mallette also shared a picture of her getting a kiss on the cheek from her daughter-in-law and recorded a birthday tribute on Twitter.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY @haileybaldwin !! I LOVE YOU!" she wrote. "I'm so #KANKFUL to have you as a daughter."

In addition to celebrating Baldwin's birthday, families celebrated Thanksgiving. Baldwin's cousin, Kahlea Baldwin, shared images of herself shopping with the father of the birthday girl, Stephen Baldwin, as well as a video of Mrs. Bieber's new steaming napkins.

"The first thanksgiving from the wife, @haileybieber," he wrote.

The newlywed also posted a photo of the family's Thanksgiving spread. While a source recently said E! News Bieber did not grow the celebration of Thanksgiving, the couple wanted to have a dinner and at night "low profile".

"[Hailey] he wants to relax with Justin and enjoy family time ", shared the inside information.

Happy birthday, Mrs. Bieber!

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