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Last year, the Slovak musician (SHL) saw his seventh winner. The play of the GES club in Košice was for a couple of hours the most successful performer this year, which during the last night struggles to win the jury, consisting of experienced musicians, textresses, journalists and people moving in the Slovak music industry.

"I think that this year has been very successful, of course, I had my favorite, certainly the other jury members, but at last minute the computer did not beat us the final results, we were not the sure winners, it was very balanced and could have done It will be some of our finalists, says director of the competition Ľubomír Sluk.

"It was amazing this year that we had different genres, we started with jazz, we went to rock, poprock, we even had rap for our first time in the competition and we ended up with honest hardrock. Several singers were involved in the competition, and we also moved the age limit down to the band, thanks to Virvar from Kremnica. The band's songs are only 15 years old, they know from the middle and when they continue what they do, they can be affected.

After competitions, the director of the competition and three of the jury members – successful cardiologist, musician and several winners of Košický zlatý poklad Juraj Vančík, text Juraj Soviar and owner of LEONart recording studio Milan Herstek – baptized kompilasjonsalbum containing single-finalists. In the evening, last year's winners were also presented – the Nitrians band Sematu, who danced the entire GES Club.

Inside, Slovenská hudobná league 2018

The finalists were then awarded prizes in several categories (see the winners at the end of the article). The group celebrated the song Kristina Debnarova from Bratislava, who won 3rd place in the main competition, but the absolute winner of the evening became a young rock band in from Zlaté Moraviec, in front of the group Tight ballet, who took second place. Particularly at the address of the guitarist Inside Martina Vaga, who was awarded Best Musician, did not spell the jury on superlatives.

Helen Eyes inspired them to attend

The insider group has entered the last-minute contest, and as we have learned, one of its motivations was that the band Helenen Eyes also won the competition. Organizers now hope that Inside will also be an inspiration for other bands to join other SHL classes. The band members recommend it and confirm that the participation itself has been of great use to them.

"SHL allows young Slovak bands to play in the music world, help create contacts, produce music, record songs and albums, support young talent and teach them how it really works in the music world, more than just a competition. jury whose advice is sincere, professional, with a view to helping and changing the athlete. We recommend testing SHL for all the bands, "Inside reports.

Inside Band has been working since 2013 and has released two studio albums – In the Shadow of the Moon (2015) and On the Waves (2016). These days, he completes his third album titled Time. The band focuses on its own epic hardrock style with texts in the Slovak language. You can also watch it live on big festivals like Topfest and Rock under the rock and songs Traces of Freedom and Fall angels You can get to know the antenna of antenna rock radio.

Inside won the Slovak Music Act 2018

The registration of the bands in the newly completed SHL took place until January 2018. A total of 28 signed athletes met five basic rounds of closure. These took place from February 1 to April and took place in the towns Svidnik, Banska Bystrica, Nitra and Poprad. There were six bands in the finale, which took place on 21 November in GES Clube.

Results of the Slovak Music Act 2018:

Main Category:

First place – Inside (Zlaté Moravce)
absolute winner + hardcore winner for hard rock, metal, punk, and so on.

SHL + PR trophy and production from Grand Studio, s.r.o .; single recording + recording album in Leon Studio; a € 500 coupon for a musical instrument store

2nd place – tight ballet (Senica)

recording a single in the Leon Art studio; a € 300 coupon for a purchase of musical instruments

3rd place – Kristina Debnárová Band (Bratislava)
+ "Soft" category wins for pop rock, jazz, funk, people, hip-hop, R & B and more

recording a single in the Leon Art studio; € 200 coupon for purchase in the music store

participation in the final – autumn milestone (Čadca). rumpus (Kremnica). cloned (Bratislava)
price: recording single 1x studio Leon Art


Best Young Artist – Virvar (Kremnica)
Sympathy of the audience – Kristina Debnárová Band (Bratislava)
The musical heart – Klon (Bratislava)
Best Musician – Martin Vago / Inside (Golden Moravce)
Best singer / songwriter – Kristina Debnárová (Bratislava)

Information and photos from were provided by Ľubomír Sluk and Natália Barteková for SHL and Peter Vago for Inside. We have edited the print materials. Find out more on the official page of the competition and

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