Inside & Emotionally Vulnerable & # 39; Jodie Marsh's poisonous conditions and how she managed it

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Jodie Marsh has opened up the "toxic relationship" she found during Christmas, and what she did to take control and end it, despite believing she might have found "the one."

In a series of posts on Instagram in the festival, the 40-year-old glamor model looked happy and relaxed in the company of Wayne Lennox, but when their relationship was scaring the new year, it all fell apart.

Jodie admitted she had rediscovered her sex drive after meeting Wayne and shared with her fans after three years of self-inflicted celibacy, after breaking her marriage to James Placido in April 2016.

Jodie Marsh said she was & # 39; emotionally vulnerable & # 39;

Jodie showed his mystery man on Instagram at the beginning of their relationship

It was a moment when speculation was rife that Jodie might have become engaged to the Netflix filmmaker, but their link was soon unraveled and now she has detailed the events that brought the relationship to a sudden end.

In her blog, Jodie wrote that she met Wayne when she was "emotionally vulnerable" and that she had let him "snake his way on my life without myself realizing what he was doing."

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It was the revelation that he had three children, with three different mothers, who were enough for Jodie to look to bail out, but it was little thing that she was not the only woman in her life who was the last straw.

Jodie was contacted by a number of Waynes ex-girlfriends

Jodie revealed that Wayne, "had not split his girlfriend nine months before we met, that they were actually still happy together, and that he cheated her with me and another girl all the time."

The ending was quick, and Jodie was eager to point out that her blog subscribers that she was the one who controlled how it was done.

She wrote it, "Wayne didn't go out on me as he tries to get people. I kicked him out of my house after he injured me on New Year's Eve."

Jodie is still sporting a fantastic figure she hits 40

Since they went their own way, Jodie claims that a number of exes from his past have been in touch to share their experiences.

Jodie continued to reveal that she had, "ten ex-girlfriends of his contact with me since we split and have talked to them all the time, I have managed to eradicate the terrible web of lies about him and my relationship with him."

With the new year beginning with Jodie very easy again, it seems she will take a while to get over this experience, and her guard may be up for a while.

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