Incredible statement: French writer provokes: "Women over 50 are too old to love them"

adminJanuary 10, 2019

French author Yann Moix recently shocked with a statement. In his opinion, women over 50 are no longer attractive but "invisible".

Yann Moix, a French writer, does not make friends at the moment. In an interview with the magazine Marie Claire, the 50-year-old made incredible statements: He criticizes women's attractiveness over 50 years! A 50 year old woman love? "It's not possible," is his answer.

I can't love 50 year old women

That this statement is not a misunderstanding will be clear in the rest of the interview. "I can't love 50 year old women," he says. And he goes even further and calls women over 50 "invisible". But what is the problem? According to Moix, it has to do with the body, including: "I prefer the body of young women. That's all (…). The body of a 25 year old is extraordinary. The body of a 50's is not entirely exceptional," he.

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