Increase broadcasting fees? & # 39; 2018 – Quiz & # 39; is the best argument against it

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Thursday evening. Germany has either taken time off or is facing the last working day of the year, but in any case 2018 is already in many minds. You cook a little deeper into the sofa that Grandma gave you for Christmas, and you're ready to look through the last twelve months. What were the big tensions? Where did we go, where did we cough, what scared us? And maybe even: What topics will occupy us in 2019? ARD has accepted this request – and with 2018 – The question created another low point in public night entertainment.

Where "created" is the wrong word, after all, it means it can be a one-time slip-up. In fact, the format has existed since 2008, according to ARD, it is "long ago the annual television tradition of many families". It sounds like a pretty obvious lie, but on the other hand, year after year, there will be almost three and a half hours where you don't have to argue with relatives about politics.

It is as possible that four celebrities, in classic questions and answers and increasing absurd competitions, are expected to prove how well they have followed world affairs over the past twelve months. This year, Barbara Schöneberger, Günther Jauch, Elyas M & # 39; Barek and Jan Josef Liefers. What unites celebrity guests: They belong to the whole group of people, as no one really, really hates – something that is moderated by Frank Plasberg, who, apart from the quiz format a hitherto racist and sexist play, cannot say.

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Content focus on "most successful review of the year on German television" (original sound ARD), but could not save anyone whose sympathy level is not in minus range. The major events of the year that really need to be talked about are, for the first time, German television obviously prepared by apparently inspiring personality stories (student applies to teacher), one day viral animal videos (raccoon climbs high rises) and at Slapstick moments destroyed world politics (Trump rejects the usa flag, someone puts a prisoner dies in a video of the meeting between North and South Korea Haha!). And over a period of almost three and a half hours.

2018 or at least 1958? Anyway, the audience smiles away sexism

To ensure that everything does not appear to be too youthful, the promo circle starts at the very beginning with a gender-theoretical outing in the past. Jan Josef Liefers cannot believe that men will be knitting. Frank Plasberg is annoyed that Barbara Schöneberger addresses the fact that she is the only woman in the group. But he doesn't have to worry about the mood of the studio, the audience clapping and laughing at all sexism. 2018 or 1958? A question that must be asked more frequently in public law. In addition to the question of why the really big topics of the year deliberately omitted or played down.


Each facial expression has its own symbolic image || Photo: NDR | Max Kohr

Climate change, political change to the right in Germany and almost everywhere, human rights violations? Shit on it. In public law one prefers to fly a Kim Jong-un doppelganger from Melbourne and ask if it is not incredibly difficult to keep up with the Norwegian Korean dictator's steady growth. What moves the public law audience, which only feels something about Helene Fischer. Like us directly to the most absurd part of 2018 – The question brings: "spectacular game rounds".

The absurd competitions show that human dignity is also an illusion of ARD

In a kind of tribute to Bet it ..? Not only do celebrities have to answer questions, they also have to endure brutal scenarios, against which animal articles slurp into the jungle, suddenly do not seem so degrading. Schoeneberger, M & # 39; Barek, Jauch and Liefers ride each other sledges in tight, colorful colored, deliberately unfavorable body suits and try artificial skirts (starring: art skating Olympic champion Katarina Witt). A children's choir (elemental part of every public entertainment show) sings this year's hit, as the stars then have to pick out matching CDs (Welcome to the 90's!) – and that's not why it This year's hit because neither Bausa nor Bonez MC and RAF Camora are there.

Without reason, there are several rounds of wealth wheels that are not visual or content-interesting. Actor Mario Adorf reads "adventure" about three studio guests from a very thick book, of which celebrities must guess if they really happened to the people. What culminates in convincing an unsympathetic Plasberg driver to perform his favorite song by Helene Fischer.

Afterwards, under the critical eye of the top model Toni Garrn, participants can also balance a raw egg with a spoon in the mouth over a wobbly water cathedral stolen from one of the first seasons of Germany's next top model. What does this have to do with the year 2018? Perhaps the challenge should remind us of the general unbearable nature of being. Life is pain, nothing matters, human dignity is an illusion. Not only in political crisis areas, but also in the first German television.

Is it still meta or masochistic?

For the last game, the stars must have yellow raincoats and enter a kind of cuckoo clock with a thermometer. Who is driven to almost sadistically chosen actor folk music, must answer a question. If the answer is wrong, he or she gets a bucket of water tipped over his head. Who is wrong three times, is out. The only bright spot remains, even in the most violent situations, Barbara Schöneberger, who radiates brilliantly in the fact that she knows exactly what she is going through for a dream.

Is it still meta or masochistic?

Finally, the actor Elyas M & # 39; Barek wins, whose transformation from the always entertained Charmebolz to the inner dead marginal figure, well reflects how one has felt like a person in front of the television over the past three hours.

Since it seems almost absurd that ZDF director Thomas Bellut only made this increase in broadcasting this week alone. "Without premium adjustment, the quality level is by no means sustainable," he said.

If public quality looks like 2018 – The question, the desire to abolish the "mandatory costs" suddenly no longer sounds like allegedly correct Stammtischparole. Independent journalism that does not determine the relevance of topics to call numbers and marketability is important. Excessive, embarrassing entertainment show, which we are rented just outside of Germany, is not.

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