In this 2019, the RCN threatens the regime of Primetime Caracol

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Things in Colombian television in recent years seem like what happens in our society, but much you want the change to think that nothing will change.

For several years, the Caracol channel has taken the lead in the audience, and while the RCN has tried several products, the only thing that has achieved is that the gap between the two channels is getting bigger and bigger.

2018 managed to sharpen the crisis in the RCN channel because it reached the lowest rating points of its history in prime time. In addition, he had to add two dramatic elements to his crisis:

  1. Several of the products he put on the screen had to be cut, after he had moved the programming grid, that is, he ran out of the plan what he had programmed to accommodate the releases that ended up being cut in their duration because they achieved the results you was worse than the ones they had – Exxon and Colombia Ríe is the example.
  2. The channel One that did not arouse great anxiety in its first broadcast, began to act as a latent threat to RCN to its low primetime results.

But they say that in life you do not lose, but you learn, and for the RCN channel was a great lesson of what happened in 2018, I do not know if by decision or by carambola learning occurs, but the truth is that triggered strategies that will move the government to Caracol in 2019.

The first major learning is the reduction of the duration of the news – already in previous articles, it had indicated that the news program as it is, is the big anvil in the channel's neck – and to reduce what they have achieved is that the fall of the curve is a lot shorter, which means that the rest of the programming is not as beaten.

The second lesson was to stop running to the results of the competition and try to draw a strategy, launch it, and evaluate the results by itself, perhaps because they were trying to play down the importance of Ibope measurements (unfortunate fact because you are not trying Reduce anything you served when you think it doesn't give you the goal.

But beyond that, it is important that the channel seems to find the direction it needs so much, and this will no doubt show it to the public, and it will be seen from January 8, 2019.

The RCN finally dared to go beyond the prerequisites of the display lighting bands, that is, the average number of televisions turned on for certain time periods. Traditionally, the end and the beginning of the year are periods where average ignition falls significantly, meaning there is a smaller number of people watching television.

On that date, the channel will start Reto 4 Elementos, a fairytale world that, although basically the same as the Colombian audience knows, has innovations that will undoubtedly put it in the public's preference in the opposite: the Agency.

Now, the programming strategy will stick to the lessons that left the crisis, first, the RCN is the one who issues the release date, and Caracol is forced to move the release date. Two, the RCN maintains the news schedule in just half an hour and will premiere half an hour before the confrontation. Three, the RCN will keep its strongest product and managed to expand a few more months (the heart of the heart) to strengthen its launch.

Caracol, on the other hand, must see how his primary government is affected because the launch, the Agency, will have a fierce competitor in front and the comfort of reigning with no one to oppose, at least at this time, will be another price.

The RCN, on the other hand, must continue to think of the strategy and leave the tactical as the determinant of its decisions, because what will happen to the January launch has an expiry date, and it must therefore have well-calculated its next player.

Who removes it to this chess movement by television, completes the space for the fortress of the news of Caracol to the points of … Water, Fire, Air and Earth.

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