In The Late Show, Lin-Manuel Miranda talks about Puerto Rico, his new book and how to close the Hamilton cycle

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Lin-Manuel Miranda, Stephen Colbert
Screenshot: The Late Show

Hamilton Creator and one of the last pure and good things that remain in this world, Lin-Manuel Miranda stopped The last show on Tuesday. Of course, he has released a new book, a typically charming collection of his Twitter aphorisms and original drawings (because, of course, the remarkable polimath can also draw), but he and host Stephen Colbert quickly got down to work. Hamilton deal. "I hope it went well," Colbert said unsuspectingly after noticing that he had met Miranda just as the groundbreaking program reached Broadway. And, you know, everything went well, frankly, since the universally praised musical now opened in England, where Miranda was a bit nervous on opening night with Prince Harry and new girlfriend Meghan Markle, wondering how the real guys they were going to take the initiative. Representation of the work of the funny villain King George III. Realizing he was watching his complex patriotic work along with the sixth great-grandchild of the guy he happily represented promising to kill a group of friends and relatives of settlers (in a theater named after Harry's fourth great-grandmother), Miranda felt relieved to report that Harry was a good sport especially. He was also reassured when Dame Helen Mirren told him that the British loved that Americans "got the urine" out of royalty.

Telling Colbert about his upcoming return to Hamilton ("I'm putting myself back in my blouse," as she said) when the show opens in Puerto Rico in January, Miranda confessed that she was also somewhat anxious. Fortunately, as he claimed, if you forget a line of one of your own songs, you already have a ready excuse. "It's a rewrite," he joked, explaining that his momentous return to the role he has not played since 2016 serves to help rebuild a Puerto Rico that is still crippled and reeling from Hurricane Maria, and the infamous negligent response of the government of the U.S. (All proceeds of what will undoubtedly be the garbage truck full of money raised by the performances will go to the Puerto Rican arts organizations).

Speaking of which the islands of the Caribbean were almost eliminated by the hurricanes, Miranda shared with Colbert the poetic symmetry that sees when bringing Hamilton Return to the region. Assuring Colbert that the story will appeal to his "brain nerd lover of history", Miranda explained how Alexander Hamilton originally arrived at the colonies from his home in St. Croix after a hurricane destroyed that island and a group of citizens there, noticing the young man's promise, he raised money to send him to the continent. They expected him to become a doctor and then return to pay them with a service that, yes, did not happen. Then, as Miranda put it, taking Hamilton to the area to help alleviate the suffering caused by another hurricane is "a kind of closure of the Hamilton cycle here." What can you say? The guy knows a good ending.


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