In the Istanbul bride, Esma has revealed her great secret! See the latest episode of the 68th Bride in Istanbul.

adminDecember 29, 2018

Aslı Enver, Özcan Deniz and İpek Bilgin stood in Istanbul's Bride series 68th last episode 28 December Friday night. In the last part of Istanbullu Gelin there was the excitement of the wedding at Boranlar. Faruk and Fikret, Garip and their mother, because they want to live in the manor, decided to leave the house with their own house. After the wedding, Esma spoke to her children and explained her illness for the first time. Esma, the doctor recommends that the place and habits to change the reason Garip decided to stay here, he said. Esma said she wanted to spend the rest of her healthy life with her loved ones and asked Faruk not to leave her.

While the girls are happy to prepare for the wedding of Esma and Garip, Faruk and Fikret have another form of rush in mind; Who, where he wants to live An Esmas attitude was unexpected for Faruk and the Fischer, Faruks decided to take a new path. Sureyya, seeking to find a solution to keep the family together in the mansion, is difficult to set and must also be a partner in Senem's secrets. While everyone is looking for solutions to keep up with their changing lives, Esma decides to change their balance.

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