In the debut date in SIC, "You on TV" starts earlier – The Television

adminJanuary 7, 2019

TVI is preparing for the premiere of & # 39; Cristina program SIC, with a new timetable for You on TV on tomorrow and with a morning on the radio in the studio in the morning on TVI.

With the program Commercial mornings to start from the studio You on TV at 7:00 You on TV will start at 9:45, 30 minutes before normal time.

The program "Manel and Maria" takes the radio into the television and vice versa, thus trying to join TVI synergies with the morning program manager in the segment.

In addition to Pedro Ribeiro, Vasco Palmeirim, Vera Fernandes and Nuno Markl on the morning of January 7, Manuel Luís Goucha and Maria Cerqueira Gomes will receive a guest who will speak "in an exclusive direct by someone who is very popular in this country and on who the news has been very unpleasant. They already gave it as dead. "

It should be emphasized Cristina program debuts tomorrow at 10.12.

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