In the crash Zeynep shot her husband for her daughter! The victory is dead? 6. See the latest episode of collision!

adminDecember 28, 2018

Starring starring Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Elçin Sangu, Onur Saylak, Melisa Aslı Pamuk and the Alps Duymaz, Ay TV's Ay Yapım series was shown in the last episode of Thursday 27 December Thursday night. The last part of the collision between Veli and Kadir came to the screen. The reasons why Veli's family was killed, why he was involved in illegal activities, and the enmity between him and Kadir appeared.

The last episode of the crash was a major blow. To give Zeynep the only way he can save his daughter, Veli, Zeynep wants to kill Galip. Although Zeynep initially denied this request, he took the gun in his check. Zeynep says he can't kill the winner, but turns the bar to Veli. Zeynep pulls the trigger, but does not explode because the gun is empty. Zeynepılıys playing after this game is crazy, crazy, Zeynep iyices neck is wrapped around. Taking the gun from Zeynep's hands, Veli puts the bullets into him and makes Zeynep's gun to Galip. Well, Zeynep's attitude, Veli Zeynep calls his daughter. Zeynep, who has to do this to save her daughter, loses the trigger for tears.

Kadir follows Zeynep, Veli kadars until the place comes, but a big surprise is waiting for him. Kadir and his team against Veli, an army man who pops up at Kadir goes. Kadir who saw that there was no gun in any arms around the waist that kicked the street, began the fight. At the same time Veli returns to the place to take care of Zeynep.

In chapter 6 of the collision; The islander also tells Zeynep and Galip. This is a knife game, which is one of the smallest mistakes that everyone can lose for everyone. On the other hand, Veli does not stand idle. He contacts Zeynep and Galip. Cemre is a nose nose to death. Kerem finds an opportunity and rushes over to Jacob. Between Kerem, Cemre, Merve and Yakup, the gun explodes and the blood is blurred. Zeynep is very angry at Galip. He also cries his hatred for years and confesses the past. These confessions, which the Irishman unwillingly overheard, severely damaged their hearts. And now it's time to settle down, Adalı traded. At the same time, the hidden curtains of the past, which transformed Adalı and Veli into brotherhood and brotherhood, will become a whole.

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