In the arm: Does Harper Beckham (7) already have a tattoo?

adminDecember 31, 2018

Does Harper Beckham (7) have the following in Papa David's footsteps (43)? The prominent Beckham clan is known for tattoos: not only the former soccer player has many motives on his body, even his eldest son Brooklyn (19) inspires his followers over and over with a new work of art. Now Harper seems to have come to the taste: Was she already with the tattoo artist when she was seven years old?

On Sunday, Victoria Beckham (44) showed his community where Harper's creative daughter is. The seven-year-old conjured a flower on the mother's shoulder with a blue glittering color. "I'm going to make a tattoo for Mama, I have one too, see," said the celebrity shooting proudly. Here, Harper immediately presented his upper arm, as a diamond was visible with wings. But for Victoria's many followers, there was no need for excitement: The course was, of course, just a false tattoo.

Victoria is likely to warn the children against a bad assessment being a tattoo artist when she herself was tattooed in a long treatment. The saying "I belong to my beloved, and my beloved belongs to me" stretched in her spine until recently in Hebrew script.

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Harper and Victoria Beckham
Brooklyn and Harper Seven BeckhamInstagram / Davidbeckham

Brooklyn and Harper Seven Beckham
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Cruz, Romeo, David and Harper Beckham

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