In tears, Roberto Leal reveals how faith helped him face cancer

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Roberto Leal has been on "You On TV" to talk about the tough fight against cancer that he has been facing for two years.

In a conversation with Manuel Luís Goucha and Maria Cerqueira, the Portuguese music and the emigrant in Brazil revealed that it was in the belief that he found the necessary powers to fight the disease and even did not limit his tears.

"I have always been a faithful man, who has always devoted himself to God's laws, but consciously, because there is one thing to talk about God, another is to know that he exists and to trust him," he revealed.

When asked about his understanding of a divine law that would not have protected him from cancer, the singer replied promptly: "Anyway, I had to go that route […] I saw how small it was. And that's what I want to pass on to people. "

Roberto Leal He even believed in one of the most difficult moments he lived: "Or I think everything I thought or gave up."

It is recalled that Roberto Leal, 67, preferred to hide from the fans disease and only recently – in an interview given to the TV Show's "Sunday Show" – which revealed that he is fighting for a tumor that justifies the need to isolate himself to overcome the disease.

Don't forget to watch the videos, knowing everything about the interview that didn't leave anyone indifferent.

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