In pictures | Famous people who appalled the world on departure this 2018

adminDecember 31, 2018

The legendary astronaut John Young, who went on the moon and later ordered the first airport to the shuttle, died on January 5 at the age of 87.

Photo: Ferran Paredes / Reuters

Stephen Hawking, the cursed British scientist, died on March 14 due to complications derived from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, the disease that plagued him since his youth. The Hawking work, which died at the age of 76, varied from the origins of the universe, through the opportunity to return in time to the mysteries of black holes.

Photo: Justin Tallis / AFP

On October 1, Charles Aznavour died, regarded as "the ambassador of the chanson – French song -". Composer of more than 1000 songs, including the mythical & # 39; La Bohème & # 39; stand out, he also composed for great personalities of the French song such as Gilbert Bécaud, Juliette Gréco and Edith Piaf.

The Samaritan actor Herbert King died in Bogota on August 2. The news was confirmed after the football player Radamel Falcao García, the actor's nephew, talked about the case on his Twitter account. King had a long career in Colombian television. Among his most outstanding works is "Francisco, mathematician", "Pedro, the flaky" "Pasión de gavilanes", "La saga" and "In the heels of Eve"

Photo: Rodrigo Sepúlveda / EL TIEMPO

The creator of the famous comic book "Spongebob", Stephen Hillenburg, died at the age of 57 on November 26. Hillenburg suffered from ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Born in Lawton, Oklahoma, USA, August 21, 1961, Hillenburg served as an animator, producer, and biologist. In 1998, Nickelodeon came to the channel and introduced a character called SpongeBoy, but that name was already registered and after several meetings called SpongeBob, whose first chapter was released on May 1, 1999.

Photo: Reuters

On August 16, Aretha Franklin, "Queen of Soul" died. The legendary practitioner of remembered songs such as "Respect" died a victim of a pancreatic cancer diagnosed in 2010, according to the AFP agency quoting Franklin's representative. His death shocked the music and entertainment industry.


Senator and former US presidential candidate John McCain died on August 29. McCain, who many believe to be a war hero and a reference point for the Republican old guard, died a victim of aggressive brain cancer. He was one of President Donald Trump's biggest engines.

Photo: AFP

Mark Salling died of apparent suicide at 35 years. The actor was found dead on January 30 at the edge of a river in Sunland, near the place where he lived. Salling had been guilty of possession of child sexual exploitation videos in October 2017, after finding more than 50,000 images of children on the computer and hard drive.

Photo: Ferran Paredes / Reuters

On June 5, the famous fashion store Kate Spade was found dead in her apartment in New York. Spade, 55, was located by her housekeeper at 10:20 local time at her home at Park Avenue.

Photo: Chip East / Reuters

On September 12, Stan Lee, the legendary comic author, died of characters like Spider-Man, Hulk or Iron Man. In 95 years, the author died at his home in Los Angeles due to heart failure and respiratory system, as reported by TMZ.

Photo: Mario Anzuoni / REUTERS

As one of the best voices (warm, powerful and versatile) of the 20th-century opera in the world, the soprano Montserrat Caballé Folch will be remembered, which died in the early hours of October 6 at Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona, ​​Spain. at 85, after several medical episodes that put their fragile health in the shambles. Cabellé was considered one of the best soprano voices from the 20th century.

Photo: Víctor Fraile / REUTERS

On November 13, songs by boleros and actor Lucho Gatica died. After moving to Mexico, Gatica gained her international fame for her boleros and ballads, and recorded thirteen studio albums, the last in 2013, titled "Historia de un amor".

Photo: Armando Arorizo ​​/ EFE

Rapper Mac Miller died on September 7, 2018 after suffering an accidental overdose of drugs. His body was found in his house, in California. He was 26 years old and was about to begin a tour to market his new album.

Photo: Instagram: macmillerig

Anthony Bourdain, renowned chef and critic of gastronomy, died on June 8 at age 61. The American was found dead in the room at a luxury hotel in Kaysersberg (East France). As confirmed by the Advocate General of Colmar, Bourdain, who achieved fame in the culinary program & # 39; Parts Unknown & # 39; committed suicide.

Photo: Craig Barrit / AFP

The Swedish DJ Avicii, one of the most famous artists in the house and the dance scene, died on April 20 at the age of 28. Dj was known for songs such as "Levels", "Wake Me Up" and "Waiting For Love". Since 2011, he became known in the electronics circuit, and since then he had had a career that required him to be almost permanently on the move.

Photo: Attila Kisbenedek / AFP

On December 10, a "rochelero" was fired, with Venezuela's laughter knowing him as "Pepeto", Juan Ernesto López, the icon of the Creole comedy and one of the leading figures of television humor in the country, he undertook his way to providence .

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