In immersion with the 30 candidates traveling to Mauritius

adminNovember 28, 2018

And hope! It has been a catamaran trip with all misses, November 26, 2018, in Mauritius. – LAURENT VU / SIPA

Since November 21, 2018, the 30 candidates for the French-France competition have been
preparation trip to Mauritius. Paddle in the turquoise waters of the island, go to the market in Port-Louis, and swim in the swimming pool at the luxurious hotel, 20 minutes You will discover exclusive pictures of this trip.

Before the big competition on 15 December in Lille, Misses will be ready to win the precious title of Miss France in 2019. On the menu: various sports activities, but also tests of general culture and courses with good manners.

Discover the slide show Miss France 2019: Travel to Mauritius in the box In pictures.

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