In Central Park seduced a mandarin pops the crowds

adminNovember 28, 2018

It's been in a few weeks the new attraction to Central Park: a beautiful Mandarin spirit, coming from nobody knows where, has come to mingle with the more common Mallards, for the enjoyment of walkers and paparazzi.

This Asian, with its stunning multicolored quarter, appeared in the famous New York Park on a beautiful October day, revealed by a video shared on Twitter by a rare bird lover, David Barrett (@BirdCentralPark).

Since then, comics and representations of this amazing copy of the Anatidae family are closely linked social networks, and he even had his moment of glory in New York Times.

Nobody knows how he got there: Some people first thought he'd escaped from an animal park, but the animal parks in the city have gone down. Others have speculated that he may have been abandoned by the home he belonged, although it would mean that he came from across New York since the laws of the American financial capital forbade keeping an ass at home.

this mystery did nothing but matte popularity geese and ducks. In addition to his sporadic birds, which led him to disappear sometimes for two weeks in a row. He was discovered, with his black ring on his right leg, several times in the state of New Jersey, on the other side of the East River, without knowing whether he had swam or stolen another side.

Thus he became a star with the nickname "Mandarin Patinkin", to the tribute to the actor Mandy Patinkin (& # 39;The Princess Bride"), of New York's news website Gothamist.

On Tuesday, the Mandarin pulled under the paparazzi's eyes on the dam south-east of Central Park, a few stone's throw from the Plaza's grand hotel, munching on breadcrumbs he ate. curious.

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