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Impact Wrestling returned late last night (November 29) from Sam's Town Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Let's jump straight to it.

The Lucha Brothers def. Rich Swann & Willie Mack

After the game LAX (sans Konnan) goes out. They set over the match they just looked at. They say they've beat so many teams in this company. Now they want to fight against Lucha Brothers and challenge Homecoming. Bros accepts.

LAX goes into the clubhouse to find a very angry Konnan. He says he has had this problem before. He has seen his friends have "dream battles" that hurt friendship and broken relationships. He tells them that since they already made the announcement, he knows what to do and leave.

They opened the show with an indie-workout match between Lucha Bros and Swann / Mack. It was so high that it was hardly a fight. Only dudes hit their s ***. The movements are exciting, but I like a little more "tag" in my tag. But it's only preference.

I liked the postkamp angle more. LAX comes out without Konnan and cheats him outside after he told them not to challenge Lucha Bros, was the exciting part here. They wanted the match so they released the challenge.

And Konnan was not happy about it. The name dropped their friends on each other because of competition was a great addition to the angle. It's not just "dream match", which would be quite damn good alone. But this extra wrinkle to the King who worries this will make friends to enemies, giving fans something more to notice next to the cool spots they will perform during a match between two babyface teams.

Jordynne Grace def. Katarina via Bear Hug submission

Like their first match, Katarina got a lot of insult this goes around. In fact, she was more impressive early in the match against a woman who is much more powerful. It was only in the last minute that Grace really showed offense before he picked up the victory with the help of bears. (A post that looked very convincing. Jordynne crocheted it deep and Katarina sold it very well. A bear hug could be boring outside. This was not it.)

Jordynne has a bright future in the Knockouts division, and the fighting against Taya Valkyrie and Tessa Blanchard is already exciting to think about. On the other side of the ring, I hope Katarina finds a place in the division too because she is too talented to be without direction. Now that she is no longer in a strange love triangle with Grado and Joe Hendry (what happened to those guys?), They can also meet her in the division.

Taya Valkyrie def. Ray Lyn via submission

Tessa Blanchard attacks Taya mail campaign. The referee, who told her back the scene before she had to put her hands on him, hit him in the face and then grabbed him.

She will not let go! A bunch of judges and Scott D & # 39; Amore can not stop her. Gail Kim must pull her off. When Tessa stares down Gail, Taya bounces her!

Again, it is about the post-battle angle, which was very good.

But first, the improvement matches: It was nice! Ray Lyn showed a small attitude and in ringprowess before he was pissed off by Taya. This led to an angry stomp and a new submission. It was a great way to use squash on.

Now on the hot postkamp angle.

Tessa's all-out attack on the referee was great. This guy alerted her backstage and she did not give a single damn. She just owned the poor man. And neither of the other judges nor Scott D & # 39; Amore could do anything about it. They were completely powerless to stop her.

Finally, it was Gail Kim (who works as a producer) who had to tear her off the referee. While it led to a spear from Taya, the spotlight returned to the imminent match quite quickly, the tip of Gail Kim was there.

Yes, Gail is retired. But she retired by winning the title and then released it. She never went out to put on younger talent. Now the division is loaded with it. So if this leads to a battle where she puts over Tessa Blanchard, I'm all for it.

If that does not happen, this was still a cool moment. If it is planting a seed too much later, then amazing.

Zachary Wentz and Dezmond Xavier def. Chris Bay & Mike Sydal

Rascalz is a fun game. There is no doubt about it. My question is where will they fit into Impact. I suppose the tags scene would make the most sense, but in this campaign, if you're not in the title, you're not really in the tag scene.

Given there are three of them and oVe do nothing more, I can see a sweep coming there. Angry oVe versus a bunch of stoners can be an interesting dynamics.

Tommy Dreamer originally def. Eli Drake by counting out (on purpose).

The match has started under a no DQ point, which does not cover count outs but whatevs.

Eli Drake def. Tommy Dreamer when he put a chair around Tommy's head and hit it with an eagle.

After the match, Eli returns and finds a note addressed to him with some balloons. He reads it and seems upset.

I've had Tommy Dream's use in Impact, but not here.

Tonight, with another Dreamer promo, this backstage, insulting Drake started calling him a millennium and focusing on that theme. Can you get something less creative? Dreamer is a pretty good campaign, but these against Drake have been quite bad.

Then Eli got out of their fight so they made it a no-DQ bout, which technically sounds like counting on the table. Eli did not go that route. Instead, he decided to take part in one of the plodding hardcore matches that Dreamer is known for.

The finish line was right, although Dreamer kicked out of Eli's finish was unnecessary. But the rest did not work. I see this completely in agreement with the heel. Here is a young guy who has to deal with past past that comes out and drives the mouth of "children today." Of course I agree with Drake. But the way it's written, it's not one of the "Choose Your Side" stuff. They want you to cheer against Drake.

Sure there are people watching impact who are not millennia and can appreciate the promo. (Hell, we've seen rankings for people between the ages of 18 and 49 so we know there are not many thousands of years watching when this is flying.) But why not tell a story that's a bit less lazy?

Hopefully this chapter is over and done.

Other Places of Interest:

  • Killer Kross approached Johnny Impact, now that Johnny has to meet Cage, trying to make him exploit his services. Again Johnny said no help. But this is an interesting addition to the title match.
  • Eddie Edwards was pulled up in a psychiatric department. First, his wife Alisha visited him and told him if she did not commit him, Moose would have arrested him. If it has been consistent in all this, it is that Alisha is not a good actor. Elg then visited him, quite a lot of fun of him.
  • KM and Fallah Bahh lost all their money at the casino in a matter of minutes. Then Scarlett Bordeaux told them that they are at the bottom of her list. Hard day.

Pros of the show:

  • The post is fighting the woman's angle
  • Konnan factor in the battle camp

Disadvantages of the show:

  • Whole Drake / Dreamer Things

Much of the show was pretty good. Some strong angles. Unfortunately, the main event angle (which was a quarter of the show) brought it down.

Character: B-

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