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adminJanuary 8, 2019

The actor appeared on the red carpet, accompanied by his mother and wearing what appeared to be a jeweled harness that eventually houses Louis Vuitton – responsible for his outfit – has defined as a "embroidered bib" It may well be translated as an embroidered bib.

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In just over a year Timothée Chalamet has become one of the most promising young stars in Hollywood and in all a fashion icon for their always original and different games on the red carpet.

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This Sunday, the 23-year-old re-stressed Sunday in the midst of traditional tuxedos, which actors usually opt for events such as Golden Globes Thanks to his outfits, consisting of a simple shirt and black pants – without a tie or tie – signed by Virgil Abloh who gave all the prominent knowledge of the headpiece that looked over and which was first identified as a jeweled harness.

But the house Louis Vuitton He hastened to make clear that the garment was actually one "embroidered bib", According to his words, what can be translated as one "embroidered bib" or a "breastplate" of what is used in certain sports boundaries to separate members of each team.

The general consensus of the virtual sphere has been, no matter how you define the striking accessories that looked like Timothée – who was nominated for the award ceremony for his work in the film & Nbsp; Beautiful Boy & # 39; –He looked as attractive as ever, and the fact that he attended one of the most important events in the film industry with his mother made him even more sweet.

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