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adminNovember 29, 2018

Kevin Bridges leaves the concert early in the encounter with hecklers and illness

Kevin Bridges cut his stupid card last night, and blamed hecklers and disease.

Just 24 hours after being called & # 39; ticket of the year & # 39; by Ticketmaster customers, the comedian gave repayments to those who were disappointed with the early closure.

And he said that any remaining money after the Brighton Dome concert would go to charity.

Writing on social media, he said: "I'm sorry everyone who came to see me tonight at Dome.

"I've been sick for a few days, but I did not want to interrupt the concerts when I felt that adrenaline could perform, carry me through, as it usually does and did tonight for the majority of the show.

"People who shout bullshit through the concert are something I'm used to after 15 years, but tonight I hit a wall physically and maybe mentally, and I'm really sorry for everyone I turned off by finishing early .

& # 39; I would like to offer all their money back, and any remaining ticket money will be donated to a local homeless charity. Suggestions welcome. Anyway, apologies and future. Kevin.

The response from fans on Twitter was overwhelmingly positive.

Typically, James McKeme, who said, "Do not leave me and the wife at all. We had received our money long before the end." Loved it. "In all ways, it leads to homeless charity in Brighton, but there are many who need help. Anyway, please friend.

Ken Geddes said, "We traveled from Hong Kong to see you last night, and you were as we hoped, an absolute legend. Absolutely no reason to refund anything. Stay strong. & # 39;

And Liam Bailey said: "No refund is required at all, especially for the minority who can not go out and behave like grown ups! Fantastic performance, chuffed to see you live for the first time & # 39;

Abbie Arnone was another who hit the hecklers and said, "You did fantastic, the best thing I've seen. It's embarrassing to say I live in Brighton when we have such selfish pricks as they in the audience tonight !!! Besides, it was an absolutely brilliant show and I cried in laughter all the time. Well done Kev! & # 39;

It's not the first time Bridges has hit the headlines because of the disturbing crowd.

In 2015, he apologized for being irated after an audience insisted on self-help with him midway through a show in front of 11,000 fans at SSE Hydro in Glasgow

At the same turn, several fans complained that the show at the Edinburgh Playhouse was destroyed by hecklers, while he also left the scene at Derrys Millennium Forum when a woman would not stop kidding him. Brother again donated that evening's gratitude to charity.

published: November 29, 2018

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