"I'm more important than my son"

adminDecember 30, 2018

Soon flying on SIC, Cristina Ferreira spoke to Expressen about all the dreams of a life, as well as the problems and experiences she passed through her childhood and adolescence.

Asked if even love would be more important than love itself, Cristina Ferreira revealed that if a person has self-serving, he can achieve everything in life and can love the other.

The presenter of the SIC goes even further and reveals something that often counts, but is not always understood in the best way.

"I am more important than my son, because my son is the most important person in his life. It exists past me. And it just works well if the mother is good", begins by telling Cristina that the bridge with the fact that more women are being annulled by children's welfare and end up forgetting their own.

Yet, Cristina admits she was able to give her own life to her son, even though she knew his life would go well without her.

"I wanted to give my life to my son, but I also know he lived without me."He confirms.

Cristina says the best thing about motherhood is to see James grow and it gives him "tremendous pride".

The former companion of Manuel Luís Goucha also reveals that Tiago was generated when he celebrated the 30th anniversary.

"We had a period where we were not together [Cristina e Casinhas], so it was easy to see that it had been generated there"He confirms.

Now 41, Cristina Ferreira says that being a mother was never one of her dreams, at least until she actually found the person she still thinks is the love of her life.

"It was never my dream. [ser mãe]. It just came when I met the person I still think is the love of my life ”, reveals.

More mature and with a fulfilled professional life, Cristina reveals that she does not want more children, but it never knows tomorrow.

"I don't think I have more children, and now, at age 41, it gets complicated. Life has many surprises, but I don't see myself returning to the diapers", ends.

Tiago Casinhas was born in 2008 and is the result of the relationship that Cristina Ferreira maintained with António Casinhas, which the presenter still considers to be the love of her life.

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