"I'm mad in love with Maëlle"

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INTERVIEW – After the admission of the M6 ​​program, the British kindergarten came into contact with one of her competitors. In the last two months, he has shared his life with what he considers "the woman of life".

FIGARO. – Under your last appearance in Love is in the meadow Your story with Lucie seemed well-engaged. You kissed and had to see you in her house in Bordeaux. But during the assessment you are single. What happened?
Emeric. – 36 hours after he left, Lucie sent me a text. She wondered, did not know how much she felt about me, whether it was love or friendship. I understood that there was a good feeling between us, but I wondered if the presence of the cameras around us had not increased our feelings ten times. Meanwhile, she spent fourteen days in Cuba. At that time we often called ourselves often. We had agreed to meet again without cameras. But in the end it did not happen. Two to three days before I came to her in Bordeaux, she dropped me. By SMS …

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I think she wrote me on a whim. She probably did not think to go so far in the adventure. It may have gone too fast. I do not blame him.

"What I find average is that at 30, Lucie releases their lovers by SMS. It's a bit limited

Emeric de L 'amour is located in the meadow

Lucie and Emeric in Love are in the meadow

Lucie and Emeric in Love are in the meadow M6 screen capture

What had happened between you?

There were only a few kisses exchanged. We had slept together for two nights, but nothing had happened. I did everything to make it work, I called and sent messages etc. Not her. What I find average is that at 30, she still droops her girlfriends by SMS. It is a bit limited. It's not like we just met in a box or on a dating site.

Did you have trouble getting over it?
No, I did not necessarily have feelings of love for her. I'm just a little disappointed. All this for it. She accommodated another one who is more.

Are you still in touch today?
No. Finally, she sent me a message in June to find out if I had broken. I did not answer him. If she had been very sincere during the performance, she had no problem. I think in particular that she is very worried about her image. I did not miss anything, I can certify it.

"With Maëlle we are already talking about marriage and children"

Emeric de L 'amour is located in the meadow

What state of mind are you today?

Very good because I found love. I'm in a couple for two months with Maëlle. Seers know her because she was one of my speed-dating contenders.

Why did you call him back?

Maëlle during his speed-dating with Émeric.

Maëlle during his speed-dating with Émeric. Screenshot / M6

After shooting, I continued to think about our dating page. Basically, I did not dare to contact her again, out of respect, for fear … And then I finally began. So I invited her home, in a friendly manner. And when I saw it again, it was obvious. After leaving, I told my brother-in-law that she was the woman in my life. A love at first glance.

Do you have any projects?
I want her to move as quickly as possible at home. Right now she comes three to four times a week. It's easy, she lives an hour from my yard and two hours from my apartment. She met my daughter Marine who loves her and my parents. We are already talking about marriage and children. I'm mad in love with her. She is beautiful, intelligent, grown … I'm very lucky.

Could she work with you?
Why not, we think of it.

Emeric and Maëlle during their speed-dating.

Emeric and Maëlle during their speed-dating. Screenshot / M6

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