If your brain is a rock. Know a directory to convince each tower. Scorpio wants evidence and Arch Mavish Vaida

adminNovember 29, 2018

Stubbornness is one of the most important features that makes communication difficult between many, and even causes many problems, especially in emotional relationships, you need to find a compromise between you and your partner to be able to convince your views often that are associated with expert The Maya Naji Tower "The seventh day," the stubbornness and not easily convinced of the most prominent personal characteristics of any tower, especially for the towers of dirt and air, clinging to her opinion and not happy with the views of others easily.

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"When it comes to dealing with others, it's important to know their input when it comes to persuasion. Let's look at the following lines together to convince each tower to make it easier to handle them.


Tower The Capricorn of the Earthly towers, which is more convinced of the real causes away from imaginative thinking, if you want to convince the Capricorn tower ordered something, give him real reasons and evidence convincingly.


The waterman is one of the favorite air-conditioned air towers. The more you are convinced, the more professional you are.

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Fiskenees Fisker is one of the most imaginative figures that prefer to appreciate and convince themselves of how to lift themselves. If you want to convince Pisces of a particular thing, start saying some kind of words that explain his place to you.


Born in Aries, one of the most powerful personal people is if you want to convince him, you must have a special status and do not take precedence over betrayal or betrayal with him. They are the most personalities that focus on the details of the personality traits of individuals who handle them.


Taurus is one of the most realistic dirt tunnels, which needs more than a guide for persuasion. They do not trust them around them, which makes it hard to persuade, especially in strange things.

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Twin-born characters are easy to convince them, even though they are in contrast to their usual views, but you have to make sure that you do not change your words later because if they lost confidence in you, you will not be back, no matter what happened.


Cancer children have their own conviction because they are one of the most pessimistic realists who do not trust the seas easily. They see their personal views as the most prominent, most effective and healthy. First, he told the cancer girl he was right, but what about the other solution?

The Lion

The running tower is a solid personality and they know the right way for them. If you want to persuade them to take care of their things in the first place, the more you care about it, the more you are happy with your opinions.


One of the most suspicious signs in others, which affects the proportion of their beliefs about things, therefore follows the method of strengthening trust between you and Scorpio first and then beginning to look your views in a calm manner without feeling control of you.


Born in Sagittarius is one of the hardest signs to convince you to make a great effort to convince them, especially if the sentence is contrary to their personal views, but most importantly do not let the Sagittarius's children think that you make sense.


Virgo virgins are easy to convince if they follow the road and the entrance to love and romance, their dry nature makes them miss it, so the unique treatment of their kind in their persuasion.


One of the most volatile personality in the air, you do not have to balance the balance and convince him by analyzing the situation and showing the benefits of it when he saw the birth of the balance of interest to follow your words when he is satisfied.

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