"If a blow is macho, yes yes, I have to be macho," says Alain Delon

adminNovember 28, 2018


Guest at the show Tea or coffee, the French actor returned to his relationship with women.

Randomness with the calendar, Alain Delon was invited to the table of host Catherine Ceylac on November 24th, the day of combating violence against women. The possibility of the myth of French cinema to proclaim his past love – Mireille Darc, Romy Schneider and others – and his behavior with the righteous gender. And Delon confesses willing to be macho.

"I'm not the type to break anyone"

"Have you ever behaved badly with women?"first asked the tea or coffee presenter."Oh, it happened to me sometimes, yes, of course."The host asked him if he had ever had macho behavior."I do not know what you call macho, a flap is macho. Yes, I must have been a macho, but I took some, even women! But I'm not the type to break anyone, especially not a woman we love ", retorted the 83 year old legend. An output that did not fail to sparkintimidation on social networks, underlines The Express.

Accused of being "cruel" by his own son

As a reminder, Alain-Fabien Delon, his youngest son, had accused him of being violent against Rosalie Van Breemen. "My mother experienced violence from my father, his eight ribs broke and his nose broke twice, but she deserved it. Every time I saw violence on her, I thought God punished her for her wickedness. In addition, Alain Delon was not only violent with my mother: my brother Anthony and I know how cruel it may be"he said Vanity Fair Italian in 2013. "My son is completely lost and gives sensational interviews just for the money. I'm not a man who writes his children"then the actor replied to deny these words.

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