BEVERLY HILLS – Katy Perry, angelic-looking in a light blue dress with voluminous sleeves and feathers, shared words of wisdom at a gala Thursday night.

"Today I understand that a brave life is the only life worth living," he said, accepting an award for his altruism.

The pop star took the podium as an honoree from amfAR, the late Dame Elizabeth Taylor organization that funds research to find a cure for HIV and AIDS.

"He may or may not have heard that I come from a biblical background that was not particularly open and did not accept curiosity," he said. For example: "I was not allowed to eat Lucky Charms – luck was associated too closely with Lucifer, obviously – or to see the Smurfs because they were magical blue demons, and then I become (the voice of) Smurfette later in life … teenage rebellion. "

She continued: "I may not have known it then, but daring to ask questions and redefine the right and wrong when everyone around me spoke in absolute terms was my first attempt at a brave life."


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"I would like to offer an experience for anyone who is really rich, to go to Disneyland with me because it is my favorite place in the world, so I am offering six tickets, lunch in the exclusive Club 33 (Disney) because, of course , I'm a member ".

The judge "American Idol" awarded the prize to a winning bid of $ 160,000.

Plus: Katy Perry is moving away from the music to focus on the 'spiritual and emotional side & # 39;

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