I video | Rebellion over a nightclub in Paris that celebrates Pablo Escobar

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Meseras dressed in bulletproof vests, the face of Pablo Escobar painted on the walls and the soundtrack of the series & nbsp; Narcos & # 39; as background music. Welcome to Medellin, an exclusive discotheque in the heart of Paris, which has caused the indignation of Colombians.

Here you drink, you eat, you dance and you kill yourself, "read the invitation to the opening party of this nightclub that opened in November in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the French capital, and it has become one of the favorite meeting places of it wealthy Parisian youth.

There is no identification sign on the façade. Following the trend of hidden bars, Medellín is hidden behind a taqueria, "Chez Pablo", where you can taste a Pacho Herrera, a vegetarian taco named after the third leader in charge of the Cali cartel, or a "Tuscan son", a caviar taco for 90 euros (about 105 dollars).

But "Beware! It's not easy to go into the most famous cartel all the time, you have to send to the ceremony" silver or lead "with Popeye, the boss of the taqueria" and Escobar's lieutenant, he warns the day call to the evening of opening that circulated in social networks.

At the entrance, covered with mirrors from the ceiling to the floor, the theme "Tuyo" is heard by Rodrigo Amarante, the introductory song to the hit series "Narcos" on Netflix, in a loop, exploring the story of the great Colombian capo of cocaine.

In the main room there are several references to the universe of narco terrorism. "Medellin is a very beautiful city, but built on a cemetery, this is full of dead people, it was an orgy of blood," reads a wall.

In a corridor, partygoers can discover the organell frame of the Medellín cartel, led by Escobar, while drinking a tequila-based cocktail called María Victoria, in honor of the widow of the drug baron.

All of these references to drug culture do not seem to interfere with the revolutions that dance to the rhythm of Juan Luis Guerra, Héctor Lavoe or Willie Colón. "We don't want to discourage the Colombians, we're here just to have fun and dance," Léa explains, a 23-year-old Parisian.

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