"I take advantage of Johnny"

adminNovember 30, 2018

Almost one year after the death of Johnny Hallyday, Sylvie Vartan, 15-year-old woman, this week released a cover album of some of his great hits. Staying at night, All the music I love, but also Blood for Blood, written by their son David Hallyday, is featured on this album.

The singer is a guest of Ruth Elkrief, on the set BFMTV, Thursday evening.

You're pulling out a very special album titled "Sylvie", not Sylvie Vartan, and you take back the great successes of Johnny. How did you build this album? The cover is sublime …

I really like the cover. The picture is by Jean-Marie Perrier who is our childhood friend I want to say because he followed us throughout our lives. He knows us with the heart.

During this period you were undeniable …

It's the beginning, it's the passion, the discovery, the youth. So, obviously, it has a nostalgic side, especially when one of them is gone. It is very difficult to assume, we realize afterwards when time has passed, it is even worse. The emptiness and lack felt even more urgent. At the moment I could not understand and today I find it hard to believe he is no more. What we have known together is so unique! It was under the light, we were "very young" teenagers, we were even children! We had to learn life …

It's your story, it's the man you've loved for many years, you've been working with him, you've sung with him, you pay homage to him … is there a way to say "he always belongs to me"?

This is my first love, it belongs to me yes! Of course! This whole time belongs to me. Now it belongs to his children, but it is ours all the time and nobody can change anything.

Someone will tell you that this album, a year after his death, has a remarkable purpose …

It has been 55 years since I made up, so of course we can say that the posts are merciless, but I'm paying homage to the scene and the reaction of people and absolutely gripping.

You are singing in this album Blood for blood and observation tower and Live for the best which are two titles composed by David, your son. David Hallyday also begins to express himself, leaving some of his reserve …

He is also struggling. This year has been very violent to him. He returned it in his music. I have a lot of trouble singing "blood for blood".

Are you still angry or are you better now?

Anxiety does not change anything. We let things happen, we rely on righteousness; that's all we can do. We do not need to epilogue, comment, feed media circus.

The last post to Johnny is out, it's a big success …

It shows how much people love him.

Have you listened to that?


You do not want to listen to it right now?

No. I can not listen to those songs that think it was the last time. He knew it and it made me cold. I can not. I will remember him in his madness, his sunside, his goodness, his amazing smile.

You are ready to possibly have blasphemy on the subject, this disc or disk of David, which is your way of expressing yourself, of the music, but that is also a way to surf this great success with Johnny, this return of that family .. .. Perhaps Laetitia could be angry …

It's bad to know that I'm taking advantage of Johnny. We always have one last man, one last woman … but that's not the problem. What is important is how we trade. I've never had any advantage. Artifically, we surely shared things. He always asked me to sing with him.

Do you hope today that all this will be better? Do you think it's possible?

It depends on justice. I think that the moral, artistic right belongs to the children who are heirs. I also want to say that David, who was a musician himself, had followed his father and had sung with his father, was born with this legacy. It's his blood. Laura is also an artist. We can not remove what they have. They will always have it.

It was a hearing this week where they asked David and Laura – to have 75% of the income with their sister's sister Jade and Joy …

It is normal.

You went to St. Barts?

No, I did not want to.

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