"I suffered a lot of the bride's jealousy at weddings and I refused to intervene to save my husband

adminNovember 29, 2018

The popular singer Bossi revealed the existence of many homosexualities in artistic communities and confirmed that she treated them naturally and respects their personal freedom because she has no right to disturb people's ideas and tendencies as long as she is not injured.

During the last episode of the "Under Control" program with Yemeni artist Arwa, she suggested that as long as she is not directly injured, she will not increase the crisis in her relationship to a sign of abnormal sexual orientation, but stops immediately if she is in danger.

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"It's hard for me as a singer to destroy a concert," she said.

Bossi refused to intervene to rescue her former husband if she was exposed to new crises. "I do not have a relationship between me and him now, but I've taken a lot to save him in many crises," she said.

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