"I have nothing but the soul"

adminJanuary 10, 2019

The former protagonist of Nuestra Tele, Yina Calderón, began the year by answering all those who continue to criticize her.

Through your account Instagram, shared a video with its over 500 thousand followers, where, with a different and more calm attitude, it responds to users who do not stop sending me negative messages because of their physical appearance, how many call it "Plastic" for the amount of aesthetic operations it has been exposed to.

It may interest you: They called Yina Calderón "extraterrestrial" for her operations and thus she answered

But; Outside her operations, she was also asked about the hair extensions she uses, so Yina decided to acquire a clip that advised them to set aside the bad energy and live happily.

"It's quite normal to get stretch marks, cellulite, get up with bad breath, get upset, get spots, freckles, wrinkle, get fat and it's so common that you want to make a solution, that I want to do an operation, I want to look nicer.

Let's stop criticizing so much, let's relax a little, so beautiful that life is.

Yes, they are extensions, I have nothing but the soul, but in that way I am happy and nothing does not feel sad, get up from that bed, and if you want to make a little touch to look better, do it ", the words he used against the internet users were so often criticizing her.

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