"I have not planned anything out of what is happening in my life"

adminDecember 31, 2018

Smiley gave an interview for Formula As. The artist confessed that he is grateful for everything he has done in his life and career.

"I have not planned anything out of my life … I am grateful for everything I have lived, for all the experiences seemed nothing to be a nuisance. On the other hand, with all this carousel, I still think I can do it everything and doing it right, probably because I've managed to organize work day priorities …

… Of course my days are always full, and I rarely find moments for me: just to stay with me at home, to think about things from long periods or just over the day, to think about what I did well what I still have to correct , let me repeat that I must never forget to be grateful and generous.

I strive to take advantage of every day and not lose anything I can do. I repeat: Even under these conditions, nothing in my life seems to be a sacrifice. Everything is a gift. My smile has nothing to beat ", said the music.

"I take good care of myself. Now it is true, I feel after the trip I just finished, I am quite tired, but generally I come back quickly. I think my body got used to this alert rhythm and I care me to help him, eat right, and in the morning I have some time to do sports too.

I don't have to complain, because I have chosen to cultivate my dream of singing, making music, being an artist and assuming all this work. You know, I was asked at some point what I did to succeed? The truth is, I didn't look for success. I just wanted to make music, I didn't even see a front man: my music was the one that made me successful.

You do not have to forget what you are doing, nor should you deviate from what your heart dictates. You always find answers in her. So I never complain about anything: do what I wanted, do everything with pleasure, and I think that's why I don't feel tired. The passion for my job, for my art, always keeps me alive, both physically and mentally "So, Smiley.

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