I have never had a friend like nostalgia

adminOctober 12, 2018

Monetizing nostalgia is fascinating as something that is part of the current film industry. If a film does not have a sequel, a prequel or a full revival, what does that say about the staying power of an original from past years?

Frankly, watching iconic productions through the lens of remake ability alone is an unreliable concept when movies should logically defend their own merits. However, this tactic to market seemingly "renewed" products to an existing audience really works when these stories finally bring something new to the table.

What we can see from Guy RitchieIt's drinking at Disney Aladdin It does not reveal too much on that front, until now. The first teaser of the movie has fallen (one day after its The poster reveals) and almost disappointingly, the short point reveals nothing of the pungent or characteristic style of the director. However, it certainly appears Such as Magical as its animated counterpart and maybe I could hint a little more. Take a look below.

Literally, some shots of the Aladdin The teaser looks like it could have been lifted right out of Ron Clements Y John MuskerThe 1992 movie. The trailer is a perfect example of how easy it is to buy nostalgia, or at least witness how the concept fosters the benefit of the doubt.

Still, the clip gets points for expanding the reach of the story as we know it, which can potentially deepen the story and enrich the story ahead. There is something creepy under this appearance of familiarity. We are being appeased in a false sense of security in our race to compare an old favorite with what could be a completely new beast (and that is not an intentional play on words).


A grim version of "Arabian Nights" starts from the trailer on the right. They also introduce us to the implacable desert. A seemingly endless stretch of soft golden dunes that entertain the most daring travelers …

… But that shadow on the ground is probably Iago's, right? The bird that talks about Jafar? I'm not going to say that the illusion of solemnity is already completely destroyed. We are not aware of the details about Iago's chat capability. However, remembering the comic relief of that particular character does not inspire the right reaction.


The teaser gives us a distant look at what appears to be the extravagant abode of the Sultan and Princess Jasmine, much less of the Taj Mahal, but certainly great. Eventually, we'll see what that kind of life is like up close. For now, similar to Aladdin's seemingly unlikely royal dreams, we'll have to settle for looking from afar.


In Ritchie's remake, the Cave of Wonders does not seem to be the same dissoluble and omnipresent gateway to a treasure. Rather, it looks more like a real entrance built on the side of an old rock formation.

A series of silhouettes approach the tiger-shaped mouth of this omnipotent kingdom while its gravel tone reflects on the elect; "The diamond in the rough".


There is! A kind of


The teaser's highest priority is to establish the extravagance of the configuration. The many artifacts and riches that abound in the Cave contribute to a sense of wonder, and a spotlight shines on the pedestal where a certain magical lamp, front and central.


Finally, we got the first real shot of our hero, captivated and determined in his search for the lamp. Mena masud It is adorned with the signature fez suit and vest, although the colors are reversed compared to the animated Aladdin attire. I am sure there are minor details to take into account, but that is all we can deduce from his representation for now, since there is no other dynamic action in the scene from which to judge.

Overall, this first look at Ritchie's most popular movie to date is promising, despite the fact that it remains firmly within Disney's teaser trailer for its real-action remakes. For example, Cinderella He deposited his initial teaser completely on the iconic glass slipper. In the meantime, The book of the jungle he did a better job of incorporating something darker and more stratified into his initial archive material, but he also ensured a focus on familiar characters and images.

To tell the truth, it would have been great to see Jasmine too (Naomi scott) or even a Jafar (Marwan Kenzari) Silhouette in the Aladdin puzzle. I do not care that the study is revealing. Will SmithGenie and I'm glad that the new random character, Prince Anders white (Billy Magnusson), remains secret.

Knowing myself, I would enter Aladdin With an open heart and an open mind. We are not seeing much of the original animation, a mix of ironic references, but still they can find a way into the film, given that these characteristics fit into Ritchie's specific style and work.

How is he Aladdin the footage is an adequate revelation, if it is expected, of a protagonist who plays the role, as well as a world that is forced to open up even more. The movie means serious deal. At the same time, Disney just wants to remind us once again that it has not forgotten its roots at all.

Aladdin Fly to theaters on May 24, 2019.

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