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Books – Bahaa Hijazi:

Today, the first anniversary of the artist Shadia, who left our world on November 28, 2017, Shadia, who managed to dig somewhere in the hearts of all, rarely finds an artist agreed by people who agreed on Shadia was near hearts to all, On their hearts she loved her before retirement and after retirement her work before retirement was full of life, and her life after retirement is full of calm and good.

When they asked her about one of the few interviews about her retirement, she said, "Because I'm thinking about retirement, I will not wait until the lights go out after I've slowly gone down … I do not like playing the role of older mothers in movies in the future after people like to see me in the role of the young heroine.I do not like people watching the wrinkles in my face and comparing the picture of the young woman they knew and the old ones they want to see. I want people to keep his best picture of me so I will not wait until the lights go out. To shake my picture in people's imagination. "

Shadia left the art, but Shadia's fans did not stop loving her, maybe because their relationship was stronger than her art. It was a relationship based on the love of the person and his work. They felt close to them. , Bkwa Shadia, who died as a 33 year old prostitute, cried as a person crying to his relatives and relatives.

In this report, on the first anniversary of Shadia's death, we show you the most important information about the artist Shadia.

Fatima Ahmed Shaker, who later becomes Shadia, was born February 8, 1931, and her father, agricultural engineer Ahmed Kamal Shaker, called her Fatima.

– The reason that the name Shadia, different opinions and sources, producer and director Hilmi Rafla, is the one who chose the name Shadia to have a technical name after the introduction of the film head on vacation, and sources confirm that Youssef Wahbi is the one who chose this name.

– Encouraged by her own music school to sing, she was the first appearance of the artist Shadia in 1947 in the movie Mind on Vacation.

– Friends of artistic communities and her close relatives call her (Fattoush), while the family and the family used to call her (Shoshu).

The character "Noor" in the film The Thief and the Dogs 1962, the character "Hamida" in the film Al-Madak, 1963, "Karima" in 1964, "Zahra" in Miramar 1969 A worthy figure in a double-sided film in 1973.

– Shadia was afraid of cats, and did not raise a cat in her life

I've been with the artist Kamal El Shennawi, the most successful duet, and I've been involved in 23 movies that began with the movie "Heaven's Adjustment" in 1948, the last one that was "The Fugitive" in 1974.

The first monthly salary I received from working in the cinema was 25 kroner

She paid EGP 2000 for the movie "Shabab Womrah" while the singer Tahiyat Karioka only received EGP 500 for her role in the same movie, while Shukri Sarhan received the EGP 300 in the movie, according to the book "Salah Abu Seif." Adel Hamouda, released on the sidelines of the Cairo Film Festival in his deserved session.

Said in a previous interview that her favorite singer Laila Murad and Umm Kulthum.

– She has two brothers, Mohammed and Taher, and two sisters, Afaf Shaker and Suad, the youngest of them, and her mother of Turkish origin.

I participated with the artist Ismael Yassin in 25 movies, starting with the movie Soul and Body in 1948, forgetting the latest movie world in 1962.

I shared with her husband Emad Hamdi in 15 movies (flowers and thorns, Ashki Lamine, busy with others, the phone, stronger than love, life in my life, a girl's honor, injustice is haram, memories beach, miramar, double sided, dommedalen .

The first was Eng. Aziz Fathi, the other was the artist Imad Hamdi for three years and then the artist Salah Zulfikar. He was divorced in 1969 and had no children from any of her husbands.

"The last of Shadia's works in the cinema was her film with Yousra and Madiha Yousri," Do not Ask Who I Am ", where she got a big critique in the role of" The Mother "and finished her life on stage with" Ria and Sakina "by Hussein Kamal. her.

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