I found my beloved İrem Derici's disgusting videos on my personal computer

adminJanuary 7, 2019

YouTube, 444,000 followers Gökçe Yıldırım, shared yesterday, shared makeup videos about the İrem Derici magazine, will fall like a bomb agenda that has made statements. Last year, İrem Derici's dancer Ataberk Ozdene, who began handling and finishing in the last months of 2018, Yildirim, claimed duplicates in his latest video.

"I was already with IREM teacher"

Gökçe Yıldırım is known for her makeover videos and said her former lover Ataberk Özdene had learned to fool him with İrem Derici and learned this from videos and messages on her personal computer.

Contact Gokce directly


The famous YouTuber, who says he always reacts well to evil, tells the story of being fooled into his latest video: "I am the one who always thinks silence is always right. All the news you see in social media is right. No one can deny it, he put it on the other side, he threw my name, he tried for months, he didn't notice, but he didn't give up.

"We have message and discuss videos in personal computer"

I was ashamed of humanity and I had to see really disgusting things. I thank my God for complete separation. One day I turned on my computer and my computer (Irem Derici) session was open. In every woman she wondered and asked, it is betrayal. I saw all the correspondence, disgusting video and everything in there and found out the event. "

Gökçe Yıldırım had a dance video with Ataberk Özdene on his YouTube site.

"I believe ALLAH'S RIGHTS"

Yildirim, everyone does not name the other side mentioned. It was a word, "I forgive, but God does not forgive. This world is temporary. I believe in the righteousness of Allah," he said.

İrem Derici and Ataberk Özdene

"İREM wanted to meet me with the message

As you will not pass the name of the comments made because of the incident in the first and last time, you say that the beautiful YouTuber, before learning it, was tricked into the message, İrem Derici told. Yıldırım said that the most fun event about his privacy was the message that was cast: Can he take the message to me. O He, Mesaj the man said in the message: O dear, he did not introduce us to us, let us come together. She was the one who impressed me the most. Mesaj un I'm embarrassed, like a joke.


İrem Derici, who is seen in a mall with her new boyfriend, hesitates to talk about her new relationship. I just want "2019 to be beneficial to everyone". he said. The dog from the Instagram account the previous day and his new love, Derici shared a picture with his new English name "Only the Family" had fallen.


Ataberk Özdene, dances Ataberk Özdene, who loves her eleven years after the news, adds a picture of her Instagram account. "Cover the ear for everything, know us, just dance with me. I love you." "The Ozdes did not forget to close the photo to comment.

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