I feel the end is near me!

adminJanuary 7, 2019

On Saturday, the comedy theater in Bukarest 58 On this occasion, the major actors in Romania met and celebrated. Among those present were the beloved actress Vladimir Gaitan.

On this occasion, Vladimir Găitan, one of the greatest Romanian actors, made a speech that was able to sensitize those present at the event.

"I feel the end is close to me, so I will not miss the theater's anniversary, an event of this size. I love this theater and have been on the stage for years. I am happy my daughter is playing here as well. When I first started , a firefighter was hired, who initially pulled into the scene and took the cigarette out of the mouth of a colleague, who was immediately thrown out to dare to do so, and I am happy to have played for many years in key plays at the theater stage and I have not been forgotten, "confirms Vladimir Găitan, according to Click !.

For over 30 years, Vladimir Gaitan has been fighting for many years with a rare form of cancer that affects his blood. On February 2, Vladimir Gaitan will be 72 years old.

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