"I do not care, neither do I. My heart says he lives"

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Phas been 20 years since Rui Pedro disappeared, but her mother Filomena Teixeira continues the incessant search for her son. This Tuesday, she gave an interview with Cristina Ferreira, in the presenter's new program, on SIC, where she assured that even after two decades without seeing her son and without knowing anything, she continues to believe that Rui Pedro is alive.

"My heart says he [Rui Pedro] is alive, "he began by telling Cristina, in an intimate conversation recorded with both sitting on a sofa.

Filomena admitted that sometimes she loses hope, but it will soon be restored because the main goal of life is to know what happened to Rui Pedro and where it is.

"My will is to live to know Him, I have to know Him, I have to know what happened to Him, that's my goal …. I have so many, so many doubts, but then it comes comfort, the longing, who wants him to recover"explains Filomena, taking the time to make sure he doesn't want his son to die.

"When a doctor told me to put a stone in Pedro's room, I told him:" What do you want me to put a grave in the room? My son did not die, he is gone, but he does not die. I don't make sure I don't care because I can be crazy, but I still think I can know about my son to know what happened to him. If there is a God, God must tell me what happened to my son on March 4 and where he is"he waited.

During the conversation, Filomena Teixeira revealed that, in addition to the pain of child disappearance, she had to deal with several voices that criticized her. "First they were so low with me, accused me of everything, of adultery, to prostitute myself, that Rui Pedro was Afonso's sonIf so, Alfonso had been a father when he was 10 or 11 years old. "

However, this mother's biggest nightmare happened as early as the first few days after Rui Pedro disappeared.

"I was skeptical that Rui Pedro would call home because he knew all the colors, and it was a day when it was a call at home, but the [Polícia Judiciária] they failed to detect because they were incompetent first. The case was very poorly executed at first"he says and assures the inspectors themselves told him" they were not prepared for this kind of thing ".

"And they told a mother that they were not ready, how can you hear this and be quiet and do not get mad?" I went crazy several times because I went down and I couldn't take it, he says.

During the interview, which Cristina Ferreira said was the "hardest" in her life, Filomena Teixeira said her "four-leaf clover" and her "greatest strength" are her daughter, who was only 8 years old when her brother disappeared.

"My son is my little angel, who is with me, breathing with me, who helps me as I ask a lot of advice, and my daughter is my strength that makes me live, pushing me forward. She grew up very fast, she was silent and I never needed psychologists, she was the one who created a shell for pain, and it was not easy, she lost a mother and a brother, "she confesses.

It is recalled that Rui Pedro disappeared for 11 years, March 4, 1998, in Lousada, where he lived with his parents. After 20 years, his whereabouts are a mystery.

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