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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Dialogue – Arabic Mr.:

"Fidelity .. idol worshipers" who influenced the masterpiece's art will not forget through history, bounced a benign dress in the "alley of the checker" to be the bright light in the "thief and dogs" and spoiled women in the "road" day the first anniversary of her death.

"Masrawy" met the singer Nahed, the daughter of the late star "Shadia", to reveal many of her secrets for the first time.

Can we know the true Shadia desire you have tried many times?

She wanted to be a child without her children, but she was pregnant three times during her marriage with Salah Zulfikar, and the fetus was up to the sixth month, and the abortion was done because the body had not carried, and once she bore Shadia and fell asleep on the back for 6 months, did not move the doctor's order in the hope that the pregnancy is completed this time.

How was her relationship with you after she lost her chance of having children?

Shadia was not my aunt, she was my mother who did not leave me for a moment and she always asked me and distributed the mother to the family's children, so do not be late for anything and the daily habit of contacting me every day to soothe me and my children

What is the real reason why Shadia Art has expired in the corner of Jomtien?

Shadia was inextricably linked to my father, Tahir Shaker, because he was very close to the art, underwent the scenarios and made sense in all the work offered and after reading that the news of his death began to think of retirement because she felt it led her message in art significantly, but was related to work that was terminated and decided to retire immediately.

Shadia's brother died while performing the game "Raya and Sakina". Has Shadia decided not to go back to work?

No one like Shadia in the obligation to work, with the death of the brothers near it, did not stop Shadia for just one day for fear of all the workers in Compars and Industrial, because each of them worked on the daily salary, afraid of being delayed from work to stop life Other people decided to come down to complete the show.

Do you have the idea of ​​coming back to art again?

She was an irrevocable decision-maker, regardless of the consequences, and neither of us heard of her decision to go back to shopping again after she announced her retirement.

Before you go to retirement, what did Shadia do to reach this decision?

Before you took the "Fuad" decision to retire, settle for himself for days, then decide to hurt Egypt and go to every place you love and close to it, and then directly advertised your pension.

Do you remember what else Shadia did before you retired?

The last thing that Shadia gave before the notice of retirement was the night tv show. She met many stars from Hadi Sultan, Al Hajjar, Ayman Al Bahr Darwish and Suad Hosni. Nobody knew about her decision to retire.

How did Shadia use her days with you?

On Fridays we were all in the family. We went all together for lunch, sat down a lot and at the end of the day he went and went with the kids to stay with her and we could have stayed with her for a week or more and I missed the tant's house more than I missed my father's house.

Is there a specific role I regret?

She always looked at the movies and analyzed them strongly and made observations on them, but did not actually regret any work, and then she said she wanted to get out of the young girl's role and then into the world of production with Emad Hamdi and gave many workers out of them From the character of the innocent girl.

What about the closest movie to it?

She was told that the best movie for her she laughs so much is "My impression", but there are many things that made her happy.

Was Shadia a house in the word?

Unmatched in the kitchen, friends close to her and her family know that she has a genius in eating and everyone wanted to eat from her hand.

What about your advice?

Many of the advice I do not give my Aunt Aunt Shadia, and from them, believe in the law of God, and that our Lord will save the justice of all from injustice, I live in my life with all the advice I received from them.

What stars were always asked about in their last days and after retirement?

The artist Shahira did not stop asking about her, and the artist Yousra. During the retirement age, singer Hadi Sultan, Samia Gamal, Mahmoud Sharif and some other artists were always in touch with her.

Why did Shadia refuse to have her autobiography?

Shadia saw the autobiography of Asmahan and Suad Hosni and regretted many of these works because she did not know the accuracy of many stories and stories and therefore refused to have a biography of her although she felt her privacy was not a work of art or jealousy for this favorite To stay away from this type of business.

Did not she like any autobiography?

She did not like the Sabrien series, directed by Anam Mohamed Ali, saying that the work is great and presented Umm Kulthum in a form that has to be presented.

Are you like a family who did not think of a series about her autobiography?

Each generation differs from thinking about the previous generation, but we did not think so long as she denied and lived, nobody came close to this problem.

Did the sister Afaf do her thing to keep this?

Has already taken legal steps so nobody approaches this problem and writes a piece of art that deals with the life of the worshiper of the Shadian masses.

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