Hugo from the "Married" program disappeared and did not sign divorce papers

adminJanuary 8, 2019

The competitor of the SIC "Gift at first sight" lacks Hugo Oliveira, and not only answers the calls to the Carnaxide station, but also does not respond to the woman's phone calls.

The absence of Ana Águas' husband had already been noticed since she was not present in the latest episode of the program.

João Fernandes, also former competitor, showed that "Hugo is good, he's home". "He won't be with the one who attacked him," he added.

Hugo Oliveira and Ana Águas formed the most controversial couple in the program "Casados ​​à Vista Vista", presented by Diana Chaves, with arguments, insults and exchanges of repeated charges. But not even after the show was over, they stopped being in the world with Hugo denying Ana's divorce.

Following the end of the social experience, competitors have fulfilled their contractual obligations with SIC, which has already been present in programs such as the morning "Alô Portugal" and Júlia Pinheiro's place. Proof of this is Ana Águas, who on April 4 was on tomorrow's program, where, again, the vehicle refused the driver to attend. Ana Marques, host of "Alô Portugal" himself appealed to Hugo. "Ana is here alone, Hugo did not accept our invitation, but we are available here. Anytime, if Hugo wants to contact us, we are ready to debut," Ana Marques said.

The training instructor has already announced that her husband has eliminated all forms of contact, even blocked Ana in various social networks, as well as her mobile number. "Hugo, whenever you want, I'm frank, so that we can both grow so we can talk and maybe in the future we can be friends. , at least a little, "appealed to the SIC morning.

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