Hugh Jackman, golden rule for a good marriage

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness are the protagonists of a love story as in movies. They have been married for almost 23 years, after all, the Hollywood government as a matter of course through the stability of their relationship.

They met at the "Correlli" movie in 1995. Despite the age difference of 12, they lived together. They love, respect and are just as united as in the first day.

As for their relationship, Hugh Jackman admitted that Deborah was the woman of her life. "It's the best thing that happened to me "portrayed the actor in an interview last year, revealing at the same time that the secret of longevity in their relationship is love. Although Deborah had not offered a child to the Australian star, the couple took Oscar and Eva in the early 2000s.

Hugh Jackman considers marriage to Deborra-Lee Furness his greatest achievement. Within a few months, the two will celebrate their 23th anniversary of marriage, and they all wonder how they managed to get to that number. They are not divorced for more than two weeks. Hugh Jackman himself revealed that: "We have followed the rule for two weeks. No part keeps us apart. This is the rule we have been following for 25 years now".

He also claims that their relationship is based on honesty and trust. Their relationship is not perfect, but they have a good and healthy relationship precisely because they follow these simple rules.

Hugh Jackman starts in 2019 in a world tour with the tracks in The biggest showman and Les Misérables. The show will include other actors Broadway performances. The trip will debut in Europe with a first show in Hamburg, Germany, May 13th. The Netherlands, Switzerland, France and the UK follow, and on June 18, Jackman, the orchestra and the ensemble of singers and dancers will move to the United States, with a final performance on July 20 in Hollywood.

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