How to prevent social networks from destroying your relationship

adminNovember 28, 2018

Love and sex

If the social networks offer a variety of benefits, it is necessary, as for everyone, to take into account the profits.

Dr. Anna Machin, who studies the development of psychology throughout history at Oxford University, warns couples about the use of social media.

During several studies, she has noticed that many couples feel disillusioned by the pictures they see at Instagram. See dozens of "perfect" pictures of couples blended in front of a dream landscape, not without consequences. This can lead to a feeling of disappointment at the user, both in relation to his own life, but also to his love life.

The expert gives some advice to Daily Mail not to threaten his couple due to social networking.

Stop comparing

One of the dangers pointed out by the professional is jealousy / jealousy that can be followed when viewing certain posts.

"Jealous the conditions you see online can ask you questions. Our study showed that large social network users were twice as likely to be dissatisfied with their relationship as those who used them less.Now, as Anna Machin explains, it's useless to compare the relationship side "each is unique" and that "Each couple has their own course of life".

Do not give too much weight to social networks

Some couples may argue for the frequency of posts they make in relation to each other. In fact, if one of them publishes a picture of a couple every day and the other never does, it can cause frustration. "Does he love me as much as I love him?" It should be remembered that not everybody uses social networks in the same way. It may be that one of the two partners is not very chatty online or prefer to use Facebook just to discuss, not to publish the articles of association. Remember, this is what happens in private as a counter!

Likewise, it's not because a couple places things about their relationship or as pictures of their couple that they want to talk so much about their relationship in reality. And it is one of the dangers pointed out by the expert.

Remember what love really is

Love is not measured by the number of likes or the beauty of an image on Instagram, but lives on a daily basis. "Some pictures on the internet can give people unrealistic expectations about what love really is, they suggest an ideal way to be loved (by offering perfect flowers on a perfect beach). These are the little gestures of everyday life that represent true signs of love. " As the fact that your partner wants to help you prepare food, clean the house, put your children to bed or make yourself laugh by telling you a ridiculous joke. These kinds of moments do not give rise to perfect pictures, but that means a lot.

Delete your phone (and social networking) for a romantic moment

One of the dangers of drug addicts is that they can spend more time on the phone than with their partner. To avoid this, give yourself moments without social networks. "VYou really want to enjoy your relationship if you focus on your partner than your phone"says expert.

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