How the future of fashion takes shape on Instagram

adminNovember 30, 2018

Beauty and fashion

Anxious to think of the planet as much as their appearance, young designers and brands enhance their creativity.

Restoration and environmental responsibility are the two pillars that new generations of stylists and designers are based on. The goal? Challenge "fast fashion" and overuse that pollutes the blue planet. On Instagram, two last projects show the way. And it's cool!

Carlings is focusing on virtual clothes

#oodt is one of the most commonly used hashtags on the social network with 200 million references. It's the way to share your "outfit of the day", outfit from the day, and find inspiration in others. The problem is that many individuals buy clothes for a single publication before they send them away or let them get dust in their cabinets. A big mess. To correct this (very) bad habit, the Scandinavian label Carlings had an idea: the digital clothes.

For between 10 and 30 euros, we receive a virtual piece to measure that we can put on Instagram without complexity. Profits are even donated to the non-profit association Wateraid, adding Grazia. A brilliant idea that can be democratized faster than expected.

DIY and New Life (s)

For her part, Nicole McLaughlin, a sneaker designer at Reebok, revives the concept of recovery by adding a sense of style. On the Instagram account – with more and more followers – she shares shoes made of pockets of Ralph Lauren t-shirts, Carhartt hats and volleyballers. She has also designed jackets and chairs made of gourds.

First thought of as a hobby, his project is full of the future. This love of sportswear and DIY is also invited by Adidas Brooklyn Creator Farm, a program where tomorrow's fashion can adjust its creations, explains vogue. With it, defective products and / or lack of love find a new life … unexpectedly. On the podiums for the next Fashion Week?

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