How the cost of Princess Eugenie's wedding is compared to that of Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton & # 39; s

adminOctober 13, 2018

Princess eugenie, Meghan Markle Y Kate Middleton each one had weddings worthy of a royal king, so it only makes sense that their nuptials are equally strong.

On Friday, the Princess of York was married a long time ago with her boyfriend. Jack Brooksbank in the chapel of St. George, on the grounds of Windsor Castle, a few months after the wedding of the Duchess of Sussex Prince Harryin the exact same place. While some aspects of the Princess's wedding mirror Markle's, they differed in many ways, such as the size of the guest list, the cost of security and even the expensive cake. Not to mention

To begin with, the cost of security is only estimated at around £ 2 million, which is significantly less than the security bill for Meghan's big wedding in May. The Mutliple outlets estimate that security costs a little more than Kate's, with at least $ 30 million in security for the A-list event, which she attended Oprah, George Clooneyand more. Most of the cost is due to the taxpayer's money and has generated some controversy in the days leading up to the three weddings.

The royal family, on the other hand, is personally paying the cost of flowers, transport and wedding dress.

The wedding dresses:

On the great day of Meghan Markle, she wore a Givenchy designer dress, with a handmade veil and other accessories, which real observers estimate cost around $ 135,000. This figure is much lower than the almost $ 434,000 that Kate Middleton According to reports, spent on his dress by Alexander McQueen. So, how does the Princess Eugenia compare?

So far, it is rumored that the Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos ensemble will cost less than the $ 135,000 that Meghan Markle personally paid for her classic dress. According to Harper's BazaarIt is probable that the Princess of York spent an equal amount, if not a little more, as the Duchess of Sussex, out of respect for her position in the throne line. Although, it should be noted, Eugenie once said Elle she feels that this is "her moment in the spotlight".


If the large floral decoration surrounding the Chapel of St. George is a sign, then there is a lot of chips for the florist. Ivy Jacobson, digital editor of The Knot, told CBS News earlier this year that Meghan and Harry's flowers were probably at around $ 150,000. This figure includes the decoration of the chapel, reception, bouquets, etc.

Compared to the wedding of the princess Eugenia, it is likely that the figure remains the same despite the sharp contrast of colors and tones. After all, Meghan and Kate's weddings happened in the spring, while the princess took place in the fall.

The cake:

Then there is the cake, which could be almost double the amount paid for the lemon and elderflower cake of Meghan and Harry, considering the number of guests that attended. For the daytime reception of Harry and Meghan, they only invited 200 guests, while Princess Eugenia and Jack Brooksbank He chose to invite the 800 guests to his two receptions. The guests were able to feast on a chocolate cake and five-tiered red velvet, baked by Sophie Cabot.

Markle's cake apparently cost $ 5,000 due to the attention to detail, the flowers and the expert bakers who put together the cake, according to Delish. With that in mind, it's possible that Eugenie's red velvet cake has reached around $ 10,000. And although Kate and Will only organized a party for 600 guests, they probably spent a similar amount.

Other costs that brides and grooms often pay do not apply to the royal family because of the connections and resources at their disposal. For example, the jewels and accessories that both women modeled in their great days were borrowed by the Queen herself. Then there is the place, which can consume much of the budget for ordinary people.

As for the price of the memories made that day? Priceless.

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