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Countless bad films have been released, and most of the time they are forgotten and most viewers never see them again. But from time to time, a bad movie appears that still manages to be incredibly entertaining and created a special follow-up. One of the best examples of this is 2003. The room, Tommy Wiseau's "masterpiece" which is considered one of the worst movies ever made. With Poison Now in the theaters, I firmly believe that the movie will fill that same kind of 'so bad, but so nice to see'. for the genre of the superhero movie that The room He has filled for 15 years.

Walk into Poison, there were two things I wanted: for the introduction of the character to be handled better than it was in Spiderman 3 and, as I want most of the movies, entertain me. On that first front, Poison Something delivers Do not be mistaken, the absence of Spider-Man in the film is definitely detrimental, but given the material available to work, this version of Eddie Brock's original story was handled better than the way it was transformed into Venom in the 2007 film by Web-Slinger. On that second front, Poison He definitely succeeded, but make no mistake, this is still a bad movie.

From plot problems to horrible dialogues (Eddie Brock at one point talks about the symbiote being "on his butt") until most of the characters are not interesting, Poison It is messy, absurd and often incoherent. Compared to most other superhero movies released today, it just does not measure up. Poison it is currently rated at 31% on Rotten Tomatoes among critics, which is a fair assessment, but if you analyze it, you will see that it has an audience score of 88%, which is not too surprising. Because for everyone PoisonFailures, I still had a lot of fun watching him, like me, and many others, we've had The room.

The room It has become so noticeable that most people who enter the film know that it will be horrible, and the few who have not heard of The room Soon we will learn that it is badly done in all areas. But, nevertheless, it is fun to see how this train of water unfolds and cite its ridiculous lines ("Oh hai, Mark!"). There is a reason why it is often presented as a midnight offering, and last year The artist of disaster (Adapted from Greg Sestero's book of the same name) explored the making of the film. I doubt Poison will be screened like this in the future, but as The room, it will be more fun to see the crowds who know it is bad. Serving alcohol during such exams will also help.

so yes Poison It's such a terrible superhero movie, so what makes it so fun? What saves him from being utterly abominable? Easy: the relationship between Eddie Brock by Tom Hardy and the Venom symbiote. I do not know if director Ruben Fleischer intended Poison to feel like a comedy, a body-swapping movie or if it happened by accident, but Hardy definitely did everything he could to make Eddie Brock's link to the symbiote strange and hilarious. Sometimes it feels like I'm participating in a different movie from the rest of the cast.

Without the performance of the crazy Tom Hardy and the jokes back and forth between humans and symbiotes, Poison It would not be worth looking at at all. Surely this poison looks better than Topher Grace's. Spiderman 3, but that can be seen in the trailers. PoisonThe charm of the whole lies in the ridiculous dynamic between the two protagonists. If the option is given between this Poison Film and one that more faithfully adapts its origin, obviously I would choose the latter, but that does not mean that I did not have a good time seeing the first one, only that many people have had The room.

Another thing that is working in PoisonThe favor of the clients is the commercial performance. The room was just a point in the box office charts when it was initially released, while Poison It's a good faith success in that department. At the time of writing, they have earned more than $ 378 million worldwide, and it has not even opened in China, one of the most important film markets. It goes without saying that Poison will catch much more eyes than The room, and it is likely that Sony is discussing an ecological sequel now. Will be Poison 2 Would it be better than his predecessor? The film fan in me definitely wants it to be of higher quality, but I would not mind another round of "it's so bad, it's hysterical entertainment".

Look, I'd be lying if I said I'll look again often. Poison In the next years. But if I catch it by cable or see it while I go out with friends, I will not shudder as I would with the 2015 Fantastic four. I like it The room, Poison the benefits of not being taken seriously at all, so once you put aside the notion that it is an effective cinema, then you can come in and have fun. That way, it really reminds me of the 1997 ones. Batman and Robin. Like a traditional Batman movie, Batman and Robin it fails miserably, so much that it put the series of Caped Crusader movies on ice for almost a decade. But if you look through a purely comic lens (I think Batman & # 39; 66 shot a few marks), then at least you can enjoy it. Poison It's the same kind of deal.

In another universe, maybe the Poison The film ended an appropriate film reunion between the character of the same name and Spider-Man. Maybe it was a horror movie similar to John Carpenter's The thing. But we have this version and, frankly, I'm glad to have found parts to enjoy, like others have found with The room. If that is what it takes to live in the memories of people, better than being a total failure.

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