How much money have the Romanian artists gathered from the concerts in 2018. In which places were Delia, Loredana, Andra, Holograf and Fuego ranked PHOTO

adminDecember 30, 2018

Thus, in the top of the best-paid Romanian singers, in 2018, Stefan Bănică Jr., which collected 500,000 euros from the concert, ranks first.

The top prize in music in the year 2018 was made with the help of important music managers and artists, those who eat the activity and the star account, potirivit

Amounts are only receipts from concert events, not from copyright, commercial activities or television contracts. All this is going to transform the revenue of the stars, the source cited.

Only in the last two months of the year, Stefan Bănică won 200,000 euros. In November, the artist first went to Canada, where he played four concerts, and in December he coordinated four times at Palace Hall in Bucharest. In addition, the artist played at Polivalenta Hall in Cluj-Napoca, also in December.

In addition, according to the source, fantefan Banică, who is preparing to become a father again, will end the year with a concert in Israel, which will take place on December 30. On New Year's Eve, the artist is expected to perform in Sibiu.

Secondly, Delia, who also earned € 400,000 in concerts throughout the year, included the three Acadelia concerts held at the Palace Hall in Bucharest.

Delia in concert

Top three are signed by Smiley, who earned 350,000 euros, and Carla's Dreams and Voltaj are placed in fourth and fifth place with 300,000 euros. Top performers Andra and Loredana are also among the tops, who have earned a total of 300,000 euros from their concerts. Fuego is also on top, with 250,000 euros in turnover. The top positions were Connect-R and Alex Velea, each with 150,000 euros each.

Smiley in concert

Full top:

Fantefan Banică jr: 500,000 euros

Delia: 400,000 euros

Smiley & band: 350,000 euros

Carla dreams: 300,000 euros

Excitement: 300,000 euros

Loredana: 300,000 euros

Direction 5: 300,000 euros

Other & bands: 300,000 euros

Holograph: EUR 250,000

Brenciu & HB Orchestra: 250,000 euros

Fuego: 250,000 euros

Inna: 250,000 euros

Lidia Buble: EUR 200,000

Lora: EUR 200,000

Customs: EUR 150 000

3Sud East: 150,000 euros

Alex Velea & band: 150,000 euros

Connect-R & tape: 150,000 euros

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