How much does Lady Gaga cost for the Gold Globe Awards

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Although it seems hard to believe, Lady Gaga dress was cheaper than her jewels. The singer had a tailor-made necklace from the well-known Tiffany & Co house, which contains 300 brilliant diamonds and a 20-carat-like diamond, Mediafax writes.

"Designed specifically for Lady Gaga in the flagship of Fifth Avenue in New York, the Aurora Hall represents a tribute to the stars – in its own and figurative. The name is inspired by the dramatic and hypnotic natural phenomenon, Boreal Aurora," said Tiffany & Co..

At the same time, the ears that the star cost him cost $ 115,000. In total, she pulled out her pocket $ 5 million.

Lady Gaga originates in the film "A Star was born", nominated for the Golden Globes.

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